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1x12 The Defiant One

The Defiant One

Major John Sheppard

Day 21 - Entry 1
Fifteen hours... Fifteen Freakin' hours!!! I’ve been in this Jumper with three neurotic scientists for fifteen hours! And Rodney still can’t fly the Jumper straight. *headconsole*

Day 21 - Entry 2
Crap, Gall looks like he’s gonna hurl... I’m not cleaning it up!

Day 21 – Entry 3
OMGWTF?! Note to Rodney: Don’t let go of the controls again!!! *slaps McKay upside the head*

Day 21 - Entry 4
Ooooooh! Ginormous weapons platform! Squee! *eyes glaze over*

Day 21 – Enry 5
Ooh! 10,000 year-old Wraith distress call. Let’s check it out! It was Rodney’s idea not mine! Rodney = Troublemaker.

Day 21 – Entry 6
ZOMG!! McKay and Gall need to STFU NOW!!! Or I’ll throw rocks at them or something...

Day 21 - Entry 7
Why did I get stuck with Team No Balls today? Glowy bugs. Pfft! They’re just annoying dots!

Day 21 – Entry 8
Ooh, Wraith ship! *feels all tingly inside*

Day 21 - Entry 9
Wraith cannibalism?! WTF?! EWWW!!!

Day 21 – Entry 10
Maybe I’m paranoid, but I think we are not alone. Crap, we left Gall and Abrams alone in the human stores room... *facepalm*

Day 21 – Entry 11
*sigh* I've reached a new low. I’m stealing from a dead Wraith... Ooh! shiny egg shaped thingamabobber. *pockets it*

Day 21 – Entry 12
Well, Wraith No Name got rid of Abrams and Gall... At least the drive home will be quiet. *bg*

Day 21 - Entry 13
McKay needs to STFU already and stay put! RAWR! Imma gonna go and get my ass kicked kick Wraith No Name’s ass!

Day 21 - Entry 14
The son of a bitch is in my ship and ransacking it!!! What to do? What to do? Ice? WTF? Why do desert planets always end up being ice cold at night in these shows?!

Day 21 - Entry 15
Stupid wraith shot me!! How the hell did he figure out how to use a pistol that fast?! My P-90 is broken. =’( R.I.P P-90 your served me well until NOW, you bastard. *shakes fists*

Day 21 - Entry 16
Note to self: Rolling down sand dunes after getting shot NOT good. Owie! *bandages wound*

Day 21 - Entry 17
Note to stupid self: DON’T BLOW YOURSELF UP! Kthanxbai! *headsand*

Day 21 - Entry 18
Fighting an invincible Wraith and nearly blowing myself up is making me hungry. *eats energy bar* Damn bugs! OMG! Stop stealing my food!

Day 21 - Entry 19
OW!! Like Ow!! I just ran full speed into a force field!!! OW!! Stupid wraith. *feels bump on head* Ow!!

Day 21 - Entry 20
Okay new plan... Let’s try to blow the Wraith up this time and not myself...

Day 21 – Entry 21
OMGWTFBBQ!!!Carebearsandmylittleponies!!! *pulls hair out* I just blew him up and he’s STILL alive?! *headrock repeatedly*

Day 21 - Entry 22
Note to self: Hand to hand combat with Wraith = BAD IDEA! *winces in pain*

Day 21 – Entry 23
OMG! Two episodes in a row, my back up team is late. Good thing I have the JohnLizzie Psychic connetion or Team Late would be even later! *headrock*

Day 21 - Entry 24
There goes my last Powerbar... Ow! Enough with the whumpage already!! I’m already in pain...

Day 21 - Entry 25
Ding dong the Wraith is dead. The Wraith is dead... It’s about FRELLING TIME. *still in pain*

Day 21 - Entry 26
Now we have to figure out how to disarm the Jumper shields and have a fifteen-hour flight home... Yep, this is going to be fun... *passes out*

Doctor Rodney McKay

Day 19 Entry 1
Come on, baby! I thought this ship reads minds?! Read my mind and fly straight, damn it!!

Day 19 - Entry 2
STFU! Sheppard, I am flying in a straight line... sorta...

Day 19 – Entry 3
ZOMG! I think Sheppard gave me a heart attack when he snapped at me! Hey, I’m supposed to be the snappy one of the group!

Day 19 – Entry 4
A Wraith distress call means crashed alien ship... We have to check it out! I’ll let Sheppard do the dirty work and convince Elizabeth. *bg*

Day 19 - Entry 5
Great, a hot desert planet... My lips are going to be so chapped. *puts on chapstick*

Day 19 - Entry 6
Super! It’s hot. It’s sunny. There is sand in my shoe. Glowy bugs are attacking me... I’m going to die of dehydration... Last episode I was drenched. Now I’m dehydrating... Are the TPTB trying to kill me?!

Day 19 - Entry 7
Ewww, the Wraith eat each other! Speaking of food. I’m hungry.

Day 19 – Entry 8
Great, Gall finds the Wraith food supply of humans. Like I needed something else to make me think of food. *headdesk*

Day 19 – Entry 9
Note to Sheppard: Can your paranoid instincts kick in faster next time? Because now there is a Wraith on our ass! OMG! *flails*

Day 19 - Entry 10
OMGWTF?! Sheppard left me with paralyzed old boy to go after Hannibal Wraith!!! I’m a dead man. *sobs*

Day 19 – Entry 11
Sheppard is fighting a Wraith with a dinky gun and almost blew himself up... I’m a dead man. *whimpers*

Day 19 - Entry 12
Is it really a good idea to give a suicidal scientist a gun??! I’m just sayin’!

Day 19 - Entry 13
Dude! Brendan is such a downer. STFU! I’d rather be out there getting shot by a Wraith than baby-sitting him. Ugh.

Day 19 - Entry 14
OMG! Brendan just shot himself. I knew it was a bad idea to give him the gun! Now I feel bad... *woobies* But I can go help Sheppard fight the Wraith now. Yay... I’m a dead man. *facepalm*

Day 19 - Entry 15
Woohoo! Arrived just in time to save Sheppard...

Day 19 – Entry 16
Crap... Now the Wraith is coming towards me! *flails* I’m a dead man!! *flails again*

Day 19 - Entry 17
Did Sheppard say run?! *runs away like a madwoman*

Day 19 - Entry 18
He’s dead!! Oh, thank God! Now I have to fix the Jumper. My work is never done. *grumbles*

Doctor Brendan Gall

Day 1 - Entry 1
I’m Nyan. I finally got rid of those side burns and changed my name to Doctor Brendan Gall. After moving to Earth, I changed my personality and identity completely!!!

Day 1 - Entry 2
I am also the stereotypical scientist that has motion sickness and fears everything, which equals Red-shirt. I think I’m gonna throw up. *headdesk*

Day 1 – Entry 3
Ooh, giant Ancient satellite. *geekgasms* I still feel like barfing...

Day 1 – Entry 4
Stupid Abrams. He had to find the Wraith distress signal. Now we’re gonna land and all DIE! *headdesk*

Day 1 – Entry 5
Hehe, Rodney is scared of bugs. *giggles* Shoo! Glowy fly go scary McKay. *giggles again*

Day 1 – Entry 6
Oh noes! Sheppard and McKay want to go inside! ZOMG! We’re so gonna die now! *headhands*

Day 1 - Entry 7
I see dead people!! I mean really!! They are everywhere on this ship!!! Ahhhhhh!!! *screams like a girl*

Day 1 – Entry 8
WTF?! Major Sheppard wants me to take pictures of the dead people? It boggles my little mind. o_O

Day 1 – Entry 9
Okay, I just saw something move...*hyperventilates*

Day 1 – Entry 10
OMG!MOMMY! The Wraith ate Abrams!!!

Day 1 – Entry 11
I’m in a cocoon! I’m going to die!!! I should have stayed in the Jumper!!! *hyperventilates again*

Day 1 - Entry 12
The Wraith fed on me!!! It took my life!!! I’m no longer beautiful not that I ever was, but still!!! I’m too young to die!!!

Day 1 – Entry 13
Er, the Major left Rodney to protect me?! I’m so gonna die.

Day 1 – Entry 14
Rodney is SO jealous of my brains and good looks.

Day 1 – Entry 15
ZOMG! My good looks are gone! Shuddap! I was handsome in the beginning of the episode! [Fangirls: Whatever! Where’s Markham?]

Day 1 – Entry 16
Rodney’s indecisive fidgeting is giving me a headache. I’m going to kill myself to spare myself the torture. *bang bang* *dies*

Doctor Abrams

Day 1 – Entry 1
I’m Abrams. I don’t even have a first name so that guarantees that I’m a Red-shirt. Crap!

Day 1- Entry 2
I should just make fun of McKay as much as I can before I kick the bucket.

Day 1 – Entry 3
Ooh, a Wraith distress signal! I just totally sealed my fate now, didn’t I? *Headdesk*

Day 1 – Entry 4
We’re all going inside the Wraith ship? *twitch twitch*

Day 1 – Entry 5
Note to Gall: It is not funny to scare me like that!
Note to Wraith: You suck for killing me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! *dies*

Doctor Elizabeth Weir

Day 19 - Entry 1
Boys and crashed alien ships... I just know they are going to get into trouble... *sigh* I have a headache already. *facepalm*

Day 19 - Entry 2
Because I know Sheppard and Rodney are going to get into trouble. I’m going to send a rescue team out right NOW. Also because I’m paranoid psychic. *lalalalala*

Day 19 - Entry 3
Six hours and still no word from Sheppard... I was right! They got themselves into trouble AGAIN!!! They were supposed to check out a satellite. Not get eaten by a Wraith. *headdesk*

Lieutenant Aiden Ford

Day 17 - Entry 1
Huzzah! Doctor Weir put me in charge of the rescue team. For once this pretty boy will save the day!!! And I have more lines then Teyla this time! Booyah!

Day 17 - Entry 2
Are we there yet??! My butt is getting numb from sitting for six hours... Nine more hours left. *bangs head repeatedly* There needs to be an in-flight movie for this trip!!

Day 17 – Entry 3
Woohoo! We came just in time and saved the day! And we never had to leave the Jumper. *smiles prettily*

Teyla Emmagan

Day 17 – Entry 1
I only have four lines this whole episode, but I did spent most of the episode worrying about Major Sheppard!

Day 17 – Entry 2
OMG! I have matching outfit with Ford does that mean we’re together?! *is so confuzzled*

Day 17 – Entry 3
I see Shep!Dot on the HUD! My love is still alive! Squee!

Day 17 – Entry 4
Wow, my character was pretty pointless in this episode. Because all we needed was Markham to fly the Jumper and push the button to kill the Wraith...

Wraith No Name AKA Hannibal!Wraith

Day 1 - Entry 1
I have been trapped here for 10,000 years. *hiss* Fed on everything... Even my own kind. Because I’m a badass! *hiss rwar!*

Day 1 – Entry 2
Mmm... Fresh food!!! *eats Abrams*

Day 1 – Entry 3
Now little trembling man, tell me where you’re ship is! RWAR! And I’m gonna eat you anyway. *las*

Day 1 - Entry 4
Idiot humans... Cloak a ship but have you foot prints leading right up to it. Because of your stupidity the Wraith will eat you all!!! *hiss rawr*

Day 1 - Entry 5
A Lantean ship! I will ransack the ship because I HATE the Atlanteans! *hiss rawr*

Day 1 – Entry 6
Bwhahahah! Shoot all the holes you want, Major! I am INVINCIBLE because I just ate two of your loser men! *hiss rawr* And I know how to use your primitive weapons! *kiss kiss bang bang*

Day 1 - Entry 7
Hahahaha! Stupid human!! Trick me and run right into the force field!!! *hiss* hahahahah! Humans make for such good comedy.

Day 1 - Entry 8
Damn bugs! *hiss* I will crush you between my fingers! *squeezes bugs*

Day 1 – Entry 9
Hahahaha, you tried to blow me up! Well, I’m invincible because I’m Hannibal the Cannibal Wraith! *hiss rawr!*

Day 1 – Entry 10
No fair! Two puny humans against one invincible Wraith! Snack time!

Day 1 – Entry 11
Hahahaha! You will all die you humans, you!!! Stupid bugs get out of my-- *KABOOM* *disintegrates*

Glowy Space Bugs

Day 1 - Entry 1
Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz...

Day 1 - Entry 2
Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz... *sees food* buzzbuzzbuzz buzzbuzzbuzz

Day 1 - Entry 3
Buzz buzz buzz... We want more food... buzz buzz buzz... Food! *flies after energy bar*

Day 1 - Entry 4
Buzz buzz buzz... Ooh, food on that mean life form! buzz buzz buzz *KABOOM*

Sergeant Markham

Day 2 – Entry 1
Yay... I get to practice flying the Puddlejumper for fifteen hours. *headconsole*

Day 2 – Entry 1
Yay! Two lines! And I didn’t die... yet. >_<
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