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1x13 Hot Zone

Hot Zone

Doctor Radek Zelenka

Day 3 - Entry 1
Ten for ten! LMFAO Lieutenant Ford SUCKS at guessing! Must get Lieutenant Ford to be subject of research on statistical improbabilities. Teehee!

Day 3 - Entry 2
WTF?! Did McKay just call us clowns?! For some reason I feel offended by that. Clowns are scary!

Day 3 – Entry 3
Oh noes! Johnson and Wagner just went kaput!!!

Day 3 – Entry 4
Uh oh, now Dumais went kaput!!!!

Day 3 – Entry 5
Er, There goes Hays... McKay is next!

Day 3 - Entry 6
*sigh* Rodney is always so dramatic. He knows he's not gonna die. He's in the opening credits for crying out loud!

Day 3 - Entry 7
He survived! Told you so. =P

Day 3 – Entry 8
Bah, McGay survived because he got the gene therapy. My gene therapy didn’t work. *sads* =(

Day 4 – Entry 1
EMP plan no work. =’(

Day 4 – Entry 2
Yay! Naquadah plan work! Er, who is hugging me?! o_O

Doctor Rodney McKay

Day 20 - Entry 1
Ford doesn’t know his prime numbers. At least he’s not a closeted Math Geek like someone. *stinkeyes*

Day 20 - Entry 2
I like being the leader of the group. Everyone has to listen to me. I wonder if everyone will jump up and down if I told them too...

Day 20 - Entry 3
Wagner and Johnson went berserk and dropped dead. Could be some alien virus... *gasps* I’m a dead man. Must. Stay. Calm. I’m the dead leader... *headdesk*

Day 20 - Entry 4
Note to Red-shirt Peterson: STFU! I’m the leader so you FOLLOW the leader, ME! P.S. Don’t ask stupid questions!

Day 20 – Entry 5
*whimpers* Why am I willingly walking into a lab with broken glass? I’m a dead man.

Day 20 - Entry 6
OMG! Dumais just freaked out and died! Being a leader isn’t fun anymore, especially when every hour another member of your team drops dead. *woobies*

Day 20 - Entry 7
ZOMG! I’m starting to see things. If I ignore it, maybe it will go away... I’m a dead man. *cries*

Day 20 - Entry 8
I’m going to die of a brain aneurysm... How lovely! *headdesk* Okay, maybe headdesking doesn't help.

Day 20 - Entry 9
I just spazzed out. Now everyone is waiting for Hays and me to die! OMG! Stop looking at me! I have every right to be irritated and snappy! *spazzes again*

Day 20 - Entry 10
Hayes just died. I’m a dead man. *cries*

Day 20 - Entry 11
OMG! I’m NOT a dead man! I’m alive! *cheers* I should stop cheering everyone else is giving me dirty looks.

Day 21 – Entry 1
Stupid nanovirus keeping me up all night. I’m sleepy and hungry now. Now I’ll die of exhaustion. *Headdesk*

Day 21 - Entry 2
Argh, I’m sleepy! Stop asking me stupid questions. I can’t think if people are freaking out all around me! *headdesk*

Day 21 – Entry 3
*light bulbs* EMP!! Time to make Sheppard my bitch errand boy.

Day 21 – Entry 4
Hm…The EMP generator stopped working. I bet Sheppard broke it. *stinkeyes*

Day 21 - Entry 5
Oh, thank God! Blowing up a naquadah generator twenty miles in space worked! Is Ford hugging me?! Despite what all the slashers say I’m NOT gay!

Day 21 - Entry 6
Sheppard is having a private conversation with Elizabeth. I’m going to go and interrupt them. Third Wheel Power! Hehe *drags Beckett along*

Lieutenant Aiden Ford

Day 18 – Entry 1
Dear Karma,

YOU SUCK!!!111!

Former High School Jock

Day 18 – Entry 2
Containment team? WTF? You are you saying there is an outbreak?! *flails*

Day 18 – Entry 3
Do I have to go into the Ancient lab with lots of broken glass? I’m too young and pretty to go crazy and drop dead! This wasn’t in the job descriptions!! *wails*

Day 18 - Entry 4
ZOMG! Hays just died! McKay is still alive, but he has the Ancient gene. I’m going to die next!! NOOO!!! *freaks out* I should have gotten the gene inoculation earlier. *sobs*

Day 19 – Entry 1
WTF?! Nanovirus?! I’m going to die because of uber-mini robots?! I’m too cute to die! *bawls*

Day 19 – Entry 2
The EMP plan didn’t work! *flails* I only have 20 minutes before my brain esplodes! Ick, that’s not a pretty way to go... >_<

Day 19 - Entry 3
I’m still alive! I’m still pretty! *hugs McKay*


Day 1 – Entry 1
If I have to hear another Prime/Not Prime, my head will esplode! Crap, did I just jinx myself. *facepalm*

Day 1 - Entry 2
Dumais just died. I’m next. *cries*

Day 1 – Entry 3
*flails wildly* Ahhhhhh! *dies*

Doctor Elizabeth Weir

Day 20 - Entry 1
No one went off-world today!!! Yay! It should be a quiet day— Er, nevermind. *headdesk*

Day 20 – Entry 2
ZOMG! Why do we still have people dropping dead?! *headdesk* Next time I will always anticipate DOOM!

Day 20 – Entry 3
OMGWTF?! Sheppard needs to stop arguing with me over the radio where EVERYONE can hear! *headdesk*

Day 20 – Entry 4
Mad scientist headed straight for the control room. *headdesk* The next time Impending-Doom-Reaction test is required for ALL personnel. *facepalm*

Day 20 – Entry 5
OMGWTF?!!ebolavirus!!11!! Did Sheppard just defy my orders?! Then Bates?! Where is my “I’M THE BOSS” sign!!! *headdesk* Note: Sheppard doesn’t want me infected. Yay! Did he just call me Elizabeth?! That manipulative bastard.

Day 20 - Entry 6
OMG! He just called me Elizabeth again! Argh. Manipulative bastard is sleeping on the couch for the next week... If he doesn’t die. *headdesk*

Day 20 - Entry 7
Dear Atlantis,

Next time let your automated systems kick in BEFORE my team gives me a migraine.


Day 21 - Entry 1
WTF?! A nanovirus?! I thought we had a biological problem. Do the Ancients have to experiment with everything they find?! I need coffee. *facepalm*

Day 21 - Entry 2
&^#%&%@! Rodney’s EMP generator plan didn’t work! *headdesk repeatedly*

Day 21 – Entry 3
Now John is going to risk blowing himself up... to save everyone... Doesn’t matter, he’s still on the couch this week.

Day 21 - Entry 4
Does Rodney always have to interrupt me when I’m having a private conversation with Sheppard?! I’m starting to wonder if Rodney purposely interrupts us...

Sergeant Bates

Day 6 - Entry 1
Major Sheppard and Doctor Weir are having a lover’s quarrel... What do I do?! Who do I listen to?! Doctor Weir or Major Sheppard??? If I listen to Doctor Weir, Major Sheppard is going to kill me... I’ll listen to the Major. Sorry Doctor Weir... *pushes button*

Doctor Carson Beckett

Day 13 - Entry 1
WTF?! Rodney is requesting for emergency assistance again?! He needs stop requesting emergency assistance for paper cuts!!

Day 13 – Entry 2
Okay, this was more serious than I thought. Now I have to wear a stinky hazmat suit. Ooh, there’s a blue light in the mask. *giggles*

Day 13 - Entry 3
We have a problem. Healthy people are dropping dead, and I don’t know why! *woobies*

Day 13 – Entry 4
Rodney needs to stop being a difficult patient. Can’t he see I’m still woobing over Dumais?!

Day 13 - Entry 5
Doctor Biro is scary. She’s having too much fun doing the autopsies, especially with that drill. O_O *twitch twitch cringe*

Day 14 - Entry 1
Der, Nanites? Definitely not my expertise. Can I go before all these people go crazy and start attacking me??

Day 14 - Entry 2
Yay! Major Sheppard’s plan work. I was afraid we’d run out of space in the morgue.

Day 14 – Entry 3
*facepalm* Rodney insists we tell Doctor Weir about our findings, but she’s having a rather private conversation with Major Sheppard... Oh, what the hell, there’s no such thing as privacy in this city. *wink*

Doctor Peterson

Day 1 - Entry 1
I am the neurotic scientist who is going to breach containment, wreak havoc, infect other people, and die... [Me: AKA Idiot Red-shirt that needed to die 5 minutes into the episode but didn’t. *facepalm*]

Day 1 – Entry 2
*flails* OMG! We can’t stay down here! We’re all gonna die!

Day 1 - Entry 3
#@!%@! I’m definitely infected with the virus. I’m seeing things!!

Day 1 – Entry 4
Now I will run towards the general populous to infect everyone because I’m an idiot. *headdoor*

Day 1 - Entry 5
ZOMG! I am seeing shapes flying around, and somehow I’ve convinced myself that I am perfectly fine! *runs away flailing*

Day 1 – Entry 6
Crap, they found me... *wibbles* Ooh! A transporter! *runs*

Day 1 – Entry 7
Crap, I got shot! *passes out in mess hall and dies*

Doctor Peter Grodin

Day 9 - Entry 1
I’m back! The TPTB are only using me in this episode because everyone else is halfway across the City, and Doctor Weir can’t talk to herself... *facepalm*

Day 9 – Entry 2
Er, how do I make the doors harder to open?! Maybe if I randomly switch the plastic crystals, it would jam the doors up? That doesn’t even make sense. *headconsole*

Day 9 – Entry 3
I feel like a third wheel hearing Doctor Weir and Major Sheppard arguing... Talk about unresolved sexual tension... *eyebrow raise*

Teyla Emmagan

Day 18 - Entry 1
I have a new revealing outfit! I hope Major Sheppard likes it... after I kick his ass. *bg*

Day 18 - Entry 2
*sigh* There goes Major Sheppard calling Doctor Weir and having Radio!Sex again. He’s always thinking about her. *sulk* Maybe I shouldn’t have hit him so hard.

Day 18 - Entry 3
Major Sheppard is angry. Why is he not happy to be stuck in a room with me?! Look at me!!! I’m gorgeous and half nekkid!!!

Day 18 - Entry 4
What is this?! They give me the most revealing outfit this episode, then stuff me in a hazmat suit!! Wait there seems to be a pattern here... This also happened in “Home.” *is confused*

Day 19 - Entry 1
Er, everyone in the Mess halls seems very neurotic. Does this nanovirus also contribute to making people stupid before their brains explode???

Day 19 – Entry 2
Okay, some bitch just pushed me over a table and tore my hazmat suit. I can’t die yet!! I haven’t confessed my love to Major Sheppard yet!

Day 19 - Entry 3
Major Sheppard has saved the day again! I can finally take off this hazmat suit and wear something revealing again. *las*

Major John Sheppard

Day 22 - Entry 1
Teyla’s new outfit doesn’t really leave room for the imagination, does it? But I will not be distracted! I will win this match by getting my ass kicked again. *headfloor*

Day 22 - Entry 2
Ow! My butt! My arm! My Knees! My neck! Like I didn’t get beaten enough in the last episode! Hey! I thought Teyla liked me. I thought when you like a guy, you don’t go around kicking their asses?!

Day 22 - Entry 3
I’m stuck in a gym with a half-naked alien woman, and why am I still pissed off?! That’s right, I’m mad at Weir and because she’s always on my mind Bah!!! Women!!! *fumes*

Day 22 – Entry 4
Note to Elizabeth: OMG! I’m the man of the show let me save you, dammit! I have a hero complex! Yo!

Day 22 - Entry 5
Good boy, Bates. He still listens to me because he knows I can kick his ass. I’m SO on the couch tonight. *facepalm*

Day 22 – Entry 6
Ugh, now Teyla is giving me relationship advice. Just STFU! I know how to control my woman! Yes, I’m sleeping alone tonight. >_<

Day 22 - Entry 7
Crap. We screwed up and Peterson got away. Weir is not going to be happy. *facepalm*

Day 22 – Entry 8
WTF?! Now the city goes to a lock down?! Stupid city! *kicks wall*

Day 22 - Entry 9
Note to self: Do NOT make snide comments when Elizabeth is PO’d because you can lose your head. O_O

Day 23 – Entry 1
Finally made it to the mess hall, only took us the WHOLE night. Ugh. I’m tired.

Day 23 – Entry 2
*pokes Peterson* Stupid Peterson, getting me into trouble then you go and die in the Mess hall with a bunch of extras crew members...

Day 23 – Entry 3
This place is depressing. I’m going to go to Rodney’s lab now. *las*

Day 23 - Entry 4
Der, If my brain esplodes, after I push the button on the EMP generator. I’m going to haunt Rodney forever.

Day 23 - Entry 5
Since Rodney’s idea didn’t work, I’m going to blow myself a naquadah generator up in space... *headdesk*

Day 23 – Entry 6
Dammit, I have hazmat hair again... I hate wearing hazmat suits. >_<

Day 23 - Entry 7
I just got nuked. Now I’m going to get nuked again by Weir... Can’t we just go to bed? *wink*

Day 23 – Entry 8
Damn, my charm isn’t working... Saved by the geeks! Hazzah! I’ll make my escape while they talk to Weir. *runs away*

People in Mess Hall

Day 1 - Entry 1
OMG! Some guy... most possibly the infected guy... is shot! Let’s ALL run to him and get infected!! [Audience: *headdesk*]

Day 1 – Entry 2
ZOMG! Major Sheppard and Teyla are in hazmat suits! Why?! We’re all gonna die! *flails*

Day 2 - Entry 1
GMO!! The EMP idea didn’t work!!! We are all going to suddenly flail like people in an insane asylum at the same time!!! *everyone flails and freaks out* [Audience: WTF?! Me: LMFAO!]

Day 2 - Entry 2
We have finally stopped flailing and are awaiting our doom patiently... *collective headdesk*

Day 2 – Entry 3
Look we see the white light of doom the naquadah generator explosion. We are saved! Yay!! *flails just for the hell of it*

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