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1x17 Letters From Pegasus

Letters From Pegasus

Doctor Elizabeth Weir

Day 26 - Entry 1
Er, didn’t I pick the smartest people in the world for this team??? Then why doesn’t anyone have good ideas on how to fight the Wraith??! *headdesk*

Day 26 – Entry 2
Yay! Rodney has a plan to send a message back to Earth! Like that is going to help us fight the Wraith... Anyhoo... *eyefucks Sheppard to see what he thinks*

Day 26 – Entry 3
Apparently, eyefucking in the briefing wasn’t enough. John had to chase after me, invade my personal space, and continue the eyefuckage until the opening credits! Hee!

Day 26 – Entry 4
Oh look! Hive!Dots on the TV...

Day 26 – Entry 5
John is going off on recon again. *sigh* He better come back in one piece! I need sex him!

Day 26 - Entry 6
Yay! Everyone can send messages home saying they’re alive... for now. And I get to record messages for everyone who died. *headdesk* Sucks being the boss.

Day 26 – Entry 7
Hi, I’m Doctor Weir. Your son/daughter is dead. Kthanxbai!

Day 26 - Entry 8
Ugh, After recording so many depressing messages, I’m going to kill myself now... Never mind that’s the Wraith’s job. *headdesk*

Day 26 – Entry 9
Dammit! I still have to record a message to Simon dumping him on video again. *facepalm*

Day 26 - Entry 10
John didn’t want to send a personal message. *Lizzie!Brows* More reason to dump Simon...

Major John Sheppard

Day 28 – Entry 1
Meh, I don’t have any good ideas or a personal message to send. I’ll just eyefuck Elizabeth until this meeting is over. *eyefucks Elizabeth*

Day 28 – Entry 2
Hehe, Public-eyefuck-of-the-day is done. Now a private eyefuck before Elizabeth goes back to her office. *chases after Elizabeth*

Day 28 – Entry 3
Yay! Elizabeth thought my recon plan was good. Teehee!

Day 28 – Entry 4
Now she ordered me not to take on the alien armada by myself. She SO loves me. *las*

Day 28 - Entry 5
Der, Is Teyla trying to tell me something by surrounding herself with all these kids??? *is scared*

Day 28 – Entry 6
ZOMG!! Did Teyla just offered to help Orin and his huge ass family before asking me?! OMG! That h0r!! I’m the boss, dammit! *headtree*

Day 28 – Entry 7
OMFG!! How many times do I have to say “if there was time” for Teyla to understand?!!! *headconsole*

Day 28 – Entry 8
Note to Teyla: STFU!! If this mission is fucked. I’m SO blaming it on you!!

Day 28 – Entry 9
OMGWTFBBQ??!!! The Wraith armada is gigantor!! We are so FUBAR!

Day 28 – Entry 10
$%^!@ Stupid Wraith dialed in so we can’t leave!! I guess I’ll help Orin’s family because now THERE IS TIME!!

Day 28 - Entry 11
ZOMG! Orin and his herd better come now before I decide to strangle Teyla!!! This is gonna be a long night. *headconsole*

Day 28 - Entry 12
Ugh, sitting here with Teyla sucks, I’m gonna go out and observe the destruction of the village. It’s safer out there than in here with her. *runs out*

Day 28 - Entry 13
WTF??!! I leave for a couple minutes and come back to find half of the village in my ship?! Where the frell is Orin?! Is he trying to make my life difficult?! *headwall*

Day 28 - Entry 14
OMFG!! Everyone is Teyla’s freaking family!!!! If I wasn’t such a good guy, I would have left her ass... but then Weir would kill me. So I’ll stay! Because we still need Teyla for the next episode... *headwall repeatedly*

Day 28 - Entry 15
Finally! Orin is here! Did his family exponentially grow like whoa??! My ship isn’t that big, people!! *headwall again*

Day 28 - Entry 16
I'm still alive... but my head hurts from banging it on the wall because someone kept irritating me! *stinkeyes Teyla*

Day 28 - Entry 16
I’m only recording Sumner’s message because Elizabeth told me to. I’m so whipped. *facepalm*

Doctor Rodney McKay

Day 26 - Entry 1
Damn, I suggested that we could send a message back to Earth now I have to figure out a way to actually send a message back to Earth. *headdesk*

Day 26 – Entry 2
ZOMG!! There goes Sheppard and Elizabeth eyefucking in the briefing again!! I swear I’m not a voyeur!!

Day 26 - Entry 3
Yes, I’m Teh Genius. Everyone, appreciate my genius breakthrough. Now it’s time to record my dramatically important message. *smiles smugly*

Day 26 - Entry 4
Let see... Covered our doom, leadership, our doom, my genius intellect, our doom, getting mono from a girl, our doom, leadership, Colonel Carter, leadership, movies I haven’t seen, our doom, cats and dogs, my doom, leadership, my sister... What did I miss? Oh yeah leadership and our DOOM!

Day 26 - Entry 5
Who knew talking to a tape for an hour would be therapeutic?? Now I need sleep... or coffee... Sleep? Coffee? Sleep? Coffee? Coffee wins!!!

Day 26 - Entry 6
Messages sent to Earth! Woot! Now begins never-sleeping-again-and-impending-doom... I’m a dead man for the hundredth time this week. *headdesk*

Teyla Emmagan

Day 23 – Entry 1
ZOMG! The eyefucking between Major Sheppard and Doctor Weir hurts my heart!! *sobs* I demand a new younger guy for me to be shipped with NOW! RAWR!

Day 23 - Entry 2
Major Sheppard and me on a reconnaissance mission ALONE TOGETHER! OMG! Squee!!

Day 23 - Entry 3
He’s thinking of Doctor Weir again!! He’s smiling because she ordered him not to engage a Wraith armada! No fair! *pouts*

Day 23 – Entry 4
Lookie here! All the kids love me! I’ll make a awesome mom! Major Sheppard must see that!!! ZOMG! why is he walking away??!

Day 23 - Entry 5
Rawr! Major Sheppard, we are saving Orin and his family and that’s finally!! Even if I am jeopardizing the mission!

Day 23 - Entry 6
If the Wraith had not blocked the Stargate, the Major would have left Orin and his family to die. What a heartless jerk! I’m SO OVER him now.

Day 23 - Entry 7
Oh noes! Major Sheppard just left the Jumper! He might die! I’m still mad at him, but he can’t die! ZOMG! He has to fly us out of here!

Day 23 - Entry 8
Oh gabillion noes! There’s a Wraith standing right outside our back door! Heh. I wonder why no one ever just walks right into the side of a cloaked Jumper??? *wonders*

Day 23 - Entry 9
Major Sheppard isn’t back yet... *sobs* Ooh, people who aren’t Orin’s family. I’ll try to save them too! Even though I don’t know how much weight the Jumper can carry...

Day 23 - Entry 10
Major Sheppard has returned! Yay! I’m still mad at him!

Day 23 – Entry 11
Yay! He wouldn’t leave me behind, because I blackmailed him insisted... I’m still mad at him. GRRRR!

Lieutenant Aiden Ford

Day 23 - Entry 1
WTF?! They asked for suggestions! So I gave them the easy one. Steal ZPM from kids. Wow, I sound like an asshole...

Day 23 – Entry 2
Der, Did Rodney say I was analog??? WTF is that??!

Day 23 - Entry 3
Yay! I get to record everyone’s messages! This is going to be awesome! I get to hear everyone deepest darkest secrets! Hehe.

Day 23 - Entry 4
I get to record my message first! Yay! Why don’t I see anything?! D’oh! Lens cap. Er, No one saw that... Lalalalala

Day 23 - Entry 5
OMG! Who knew Doctor Beckett was one huge momma’s boy?! Took me forever to get him to stop crying and record his message. *facepalm*

Day 23 - Entry 6
ZOMG! Bates just say good-bye to your kid brother already! So I can move on to the next person, yo!

Day 23 - Entry 7
McKay just gave me a tape of his recordings... This is going to be classic!! *bg*

Day 23 - Entry 8
LMFAO!!! Rodney looks like some mad scientist in a sci-fi show on this tape! *fast forward to next sequence*

Day 23 - Entry 9
*falls asleep* Is McKay still talking on this tape... ?? *falls asleep again*

Day 23 - Entry 10
Ewww... McKay caught mono kissing a girl... TMI!!! TMI!!!

Day 23 – Entry 11
Heh. McKay still has a crush on Colonel Carter. He must have a thing for women who can kick his ass! hahahaha

Day 23 - Entry 12
Kavanaugh’s first name must be Whiny Bitch... Why is he even on this team? He hasn’t contributed anything all season! Even the Japanese lady did something! She follows McKay around and does stuff...

Day 23 - Entry 13
Whoa... McKay has a sister?! I wonder if she’s cute...

Day 23 - Entry 14
ZOMG! Doctor Weir had a boyfriend back on Earth?! I wonder if the Major knows. Doesn’t matter now, she basically dumped Simon in her message. lalalalala

Doctor Carson Beckett

Day 18 - Entry 1
Three hive ships! Oh dear! How do I not panic?! *panics* Why am I even in this briefing?! I’m a bloody medical doctor, not a military strategist! *hyperventilates*

Day 18 - Entry 2
I’m camera shy! I get stage fright! What do I say?! What do I do?! Hello Mum! I miss you! *sobs*

Doctor Radek Zelenka

Day 6 - Entry 1
Since Rodney is figuring out how to send messages back to Earth, I get to sit and watch Hive!Dots on screen and report Wraith movement in space. Fun!! Not really... *headwall*

Day 6 - Entry 2
Security clearance?! Damn, forgot about that... I spent all that time talking for nothing. *facepalm*

Sergeant Bates

Day 7 – Entry 1
Yo, lil bro, Peace out! *thumbs up*

Doctor Miko Kusanagi

Day 1 – Entry 1
Konichiwa! Watashiwa Kusanagi desu. Doctor McKay is very funny man, and he very smart. His brain is very oki desu! Teehee!

Doctor Kavanaugh

Day 2 - Entry 1
I’m still here! Not in a barren wasteland planet... yet. Now for revenge! I’m going to bitch and whine about Weir and pick on all her faults. Because I’m a whiny bitch like that. *raspberries*

Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter

Day 1 - Entry 1
My first cameo on Atlantis! And I get ONE WORD! Even Walter got more lines than me!!! *headcontrolpanel*

Sergeant Walter Harriman

Day 2 – Entry 1
Hahahaha! I have two lines and Colonel Carter only has ONE WORD! Lmfao! Huzzah! Harriman will take over the world one day. *wink*
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