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Very Secret Atlantis Journals

Stargate: Atlantis: Snarks revealed...

Very Secret Atlantis Journals Online
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Welcome to the Very Secret Atlantis Journals!

The Very Secret Atlantis Journals are inspired by Cassandra Claire’s brilliant Lord of the Rings: Very Secret Diaries, which can be found on her Livejournal cassieclaire.

VSAJ came to be after the first season of Stargate: Atlantis ended, and I was bored at work, wondering wouldn’t it be fun if there was something like the VSDs for the Atlantis characters? So long behold… VSAJ was born!

I first posted VSAJ on fanfiction.net and sneaky_monkey was kind enough to put them up on her Boredom-reigns.net. However, I have decided to make a community specifically for VSAJ, mostly because it would be easier for me to consolidate all of them in one spot and easier for readers to find everything here instead of digging through my own personal journal for updates.

The first season of the VSAJ posted on this community will be significantly different from the one’s posted on FF.net and boredom-reigns.net because I went insane one day and decided to rewrite all of them before starting on Season Two. However, I think I am satisfied with the format I have now, and I do not plan to rewrite Season One again. *crosses fingers*

Fic Details:

The Very Secret Atlantis Journals are obviously a parody of my favorite show Stargate: Atlantis.

This parody may have some foul and sexual language and lots and LOTS of snark, so be warned!

Also if you haven't guessed, there will be SPOILERS for pretty much EVERYTHING. So you have been warned.

This fic is mostly leans towards Sheppard/Weir and Ronon/Teyla. So if I make fun of any other ships or slashes, well... I make fun of them. But fear not! I will spare no one. I will even make fun of the trees, so no one will feel left out. Because it’s all about a Snark Smorgasbord! =P

Also I have a tendency to make references to random 1980s Cartoons and movies, thus, dating myself... eep!

Notes: I am not responsible for any *headdesking* and *facepalming* injuries vocabulary that sneaks into your everyday life conversations.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Stargate characters. Even though I wish I did because that means Sheppard would be in my closet I would have money. Anyways... I don't own them. Never have and most likely never will. They all belong to the TPTBs that have WAY more money than I will ever make. I only poke fun because I love. ;)

So enjoy and thank you for reading!

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