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1x05 Suspicion


Doctor Elizabeth Weir

Day 8 – Entry 1
*las* Team Sheppard is off on another mission. That should give me at least five hours of free time before he gets into trouble.

Day 8 – Entry 2
D’oh! They got in trouble faster than I planned... There goes that bubble bath. *sigh*

Day 8 – Entry 3
“Atlantis, this is Sheppard. We’re coming hot!” Yes, you are! RAWR!

Day 8 – Entry 4
Der... Rodney got shot in the face, and everyone can’t stop laughing. *headdesk*

Day 8 – Entry 5
I spy a spy on Atlantis. Actually, I just spy John looking dorkable when he thinks he’s in trouble. *las*

Day 8 – Entry 6
I work with children. *headtable* I come into the conference room to find Rodney asking John to smell his feet. John playing Go-Fish with himself. Ford laughing like he’s crazy (I swear I’m not foreshadowing anything!). Bates picking fights with his imaginary friend. *blink blink* Was I on acid when I picked these guys?

Day 8 – Entry 7
Debriefed my harem boys Sheppard’s team about the supposed spy. *cough*Teyla*cough*

Day 8 – Entry 8
Oh no! Teyla found out about our super sekrit meeting! I’ll let Sheppard handle it. *runs away*

Day 9 – Entry 1
Er, Sergeant Bait Bates pissed off Mountain Man Halling during one of the interviews. End result: Me headdesking repeatedly. *headdesk*

Day 9 – Entry 2
Damn, Teyla found out about the super sekrit interviews too! *headdesk* I’ll just smile and make up something. She’ll never suspect!

Day 9 – Entry 3
There is a God! Mountain man Halling and his dirty little people want to go to the mainland. So I don’t have to force them out of the city.

Day 10 – Entry 1
Finally, Team Sheppard is going off-world again. John offered to bring be back a groceries, new outfit, and flatware... If that isn’t something a husband says to a wife, I don’t know what is. *bg*

Day 10 - Entry 2
Wraith are still tracking Team Sheppard... *headdesk*

Day 10 – Entry 3
Now Sheppard and Bates are yelling at each other… I will resist the urge to tell them to go to their rooms. I will RESIST! RWAR! F33R ME!

Day 10 – Entry 4
WTF?! Did Sheppard just yell at me to open the gate?! He’s SO not getting any.

Day 10 - Entry 5
OMG! Sheppard and Bates are still fighting like four year olds. *headdesk*

Day 10 - Entry 6
So it was John's grubby little hand’s fault for finding Teyla’s necklace in the first place. Should have seen that coming. He’s like a three year old who has to touch everything-- If John doesn’t stop poking me right now I’m going to lock him in a closet again. *glare*

Day 10 - Entry 7
WTF?! Now the boys want to catch a Wraith?! Why does this feel like a bad idea? *headdesk*

Day 11 – Entry 1
Finally alone! The boys are off poking their new pet Wraith with a stick. *facepalm*

Major John Sheppard

Day 8 – Entry 1
Went off-world, got attacked by Wraith again... *facepalm*

Day 8 – Entry 2
Rodney got shot in the face! Ahahahahha.

Day 8 – Entry 3
Now he’s drooling like a baby. *giggle fits* Now that is what I call a potential blackmail Kodak moment. *wink*

Day 8 – Entry 4
Er, blackmailing Kodak moment will have to wait. Weir wants to have sex talk to me. Hehe!

Day 8 – Entry 5
Damn, Weir noticed I my team keeps getting into trouble. I blame Rodney. Just because.

Day 8 – Entry 6
Stupid McKay and his smelly feet. *grumbles* Yay! My girlfriend Weir is here! She can yell at McKay to quit it.

Day 8 – Entry 7
Is it just me or does Bates love hate Teyla with a passion of a thousand supernova stars? Such antagonism it can only mean Trwu Wuv!

Day 8 – Entry 8
Aw, All off-word activity has been suspended. This sucks! Er, not really. That means more time for sex R and R.

Day 8 – Entry 9
Crap, who told Teyla about the sekrit meeting? Now I have to tell her that she’s a spy there’s a spy on Atlantis.

Day 9 – Entry 1
Conned a turkey sandwich off of Ford. That boy is too easy. I was gonna let him come with me anyway. Sucker!

Day 9 – Entry 2
We found land on the planet! Yippee! Now I know how Christopher Columbus might have felt... er, not really.

Day 9 – Entry 3
Bates wants to shove the Athosians on the mainland. I just want to go surfing. Weir looks like she wants to slap us...

Day 10 – Entry 1
Yay! We get to go off-world and baby-sit anthropologist reading rocks. Fun! I’d almost rather be attacked by Wraiths. *headdesk*

Day 10 – Entry 2
I totally jinxed myself in the last entry. We got attacked, and I got shot again. Now I feel all tinglely inside again. *brrr* Damn Wraiths.

Day 10 – Entry 3
Stupid Bates... I’m gonna strangle that little brat. He made me look uncool in front of Weir.

Day 10 – Entry 4
Weir didn’t give me any reaction when I snapped at her twice today... *is afraid* I should listen to her and check on Ford.

Day 10 – Entry 5
LMFAO! Ford hit is head!

Day 10 – Entry 6
So that necklace I found was a plot device. I thought as much.

Day 10 – Entry 7
McKay says my touch activated it... What happens if I touch Elizabeth?

Day 10 – Entry 8
Note to Self: Do NOT poke Elizabeth when she is pissed off. *headdesk*

Day 11- Entry 1
Oh joy of joys! Elizabeth is letting me go and get my own pet Wraith! Squeee! I really need to stop squeeing. *headdesk*

Day 11 – Entry 2
Holy crap! Almost got blown up by a suicidal Wraith! But we still caught ourselves a Wraith. *hees* I’m going to go and poke it with a stick.

Doctor Rodney McKay

Day 7 – Entry 1
ZOMG! I got hit in the face with a Wraith stunner! I can’t feel my face! I have no face! *flails*

Day 7 – Entry 2
Since I can’t talk and I sound like a retard, here is a written note to EVERYONE:


Day 7 – Entry 3
Der, I have no idea what happened in the briefing today. I think my ears are still numb...

Day 8 – Entry 1
I miss airplane food; everything in those little trays and cups and sitting in a cramped space with some big guy invading your space, nothing like flying commercial airlines. What was a going to talk about? Oh yeah... found the Jumper bay sunroof. *Pats self on back*

Day 8 – Entry 2
So Sheppard and Ford found land. I am still uninterested... But more land means more food. So I’m interested again. *g*

Day 9 – Entry 1
ZOMG! *flails* Wraith are attack us again! *flails some more*

Day 9 – Entry 2
OMG! We need to go back and save Ford and Teyla!! We need to go BACK!! *flails*

Day 9 – Entry 3
WTF?! Bates just dumped Teyla’s stuff all over my lab table. Look at this mess! Ooo pretty necklace.

Day 9 – Entry 4
Things found in Teyla’s purse: necklace, bracelet, stuff, sticks, something I don’t know or care about, a headband... Why does she have a headband in her purse and never uses it?

Day 9 - Entry 5
Ahahahha Ford hit his head, that’s as bad as me fainting passing out two episodes ago.

Day 9 – Entry 6
ZOMG! It was activated by Major Sheppard’s touch. Where am I not being clear?!! *throws hands up*

Day 10 – Entry 1
I’m not nervous. Sheppard keeps saying I’m nervous. Why did I decide to come on the Wraith hunt mission? I’m not nervous. I’m... I’m a dead man. *sobs*

Day 10 - Entry 2
I'm still alive! And I have Wraith guys all over me. Ick.

Doctor Carson Beckett

Day 7 – Entry 1
*giggles* Rodney McKay the Drooling Genius. Hee!

Doctor Radek Zelenka

Day 2 – Entry 1
I’m hungry and McKay likes airplane food. Yucky!

Day 2 – Entry 2
We found a sunroof in the Jumper Bay! Yay! Now the Jumpers can sunbathe! Er, I mean, we can fly the Jumpers outside... yeah.

Lieutenant Aiden Ford

Day 7 – Entry 1
Hee! *sing-song voice* McKay got shot in the face! McKay got shot in the face!

Day 7 - Entry 2
Aw, Teyla wasn’t invited to the meeting. That means I’m the pretty one today. *wink*

Day 8 – Entry 1
Sunroof in the Jumper bay?! I wanna go. Must bribe Major Sheppard with something...

Day 8 - Entry 2
Bwahahaha! No one should under estimate the power of a turkey sandwich! Yay! Going for a joyride!

Day 8 - Entry 3
Squishy brains and popping eyeballs? I think I’m gonna be sick. *pukeface*

Day 8 - Entry 4
OMG! Land ho!

Day 8 – Entry 4
Major Sheppard is a name power monger. Atlantica sounds cool. I like Atlantica. I bet if it was up to the Major, he’d name it planet Ball of Rock. *sulk*

Day 9 – Entry 1
Hee! Major Sheppard wants me to keep Teyla company!

Day 9 – Entry 2
Obviously my prettiness offends Teyla, so she made me stay behind when she went to find the natives. *rolls eyes*

Day 9 – Entry 3
Oh noes! The Major is under attack! And Teyla is not back! What do I do?! *woobies*

Day 9 – Entry 4
Owie! My head hurts, and Major Sheppard keeps asking me “you hit your head?” over and over again. Like that is so hard to believe. *headdesk*

Day 10 – Entry 1
Stun Grenades. Check. Tasers. Check. P-90. Check. Wraith Beacon. Check. It’s Wraith hunting season be wery wery quiet. Hee! This is going to be awesome! And I will NOT hit my head falling this time.

Day 10 – Entry 2
*bounces* We got a Wraith! We got a Wraith! Major Sheppard won’t let me poke the Wraith. *pout*

Day 10 – Entry 3
I wanna poke the Wraith, dammit! Major Sheppard is a stick hog! Er, that just sounded dirty.

Sergeant Bates

Day 3 – Entry 1
The dirty little people Athosians are all spies! Their dirty fingerprints are everywhere! Spies I tell you! Spies! Their grubby exterior is a cover! Yes, I’m paranoid! Almost as paranoid as Fox Mulder!

Day 4 – Entry 1
The Athoisans are spies! Dammit! Why isn’t anyone listening to me?! *whines*

Day 4 – Entry 2
The Major found land on the planet. It’s the perfect place to dump the bodies shove all the primitive dirty little people on.

Day 5 – Entry 1

Day 5 – Entry 2
Der... Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to piss of the Major. *facepalm*

Day 5 – Entry 3
Stole Teyla’s purse. She didn’t have anything good inside. So I told McKay to find something interesting. Yeah, I have issues. Issues with... TEYLA! Ahahahhahaha! *chokes on own spit*

Day 5 – Entry 4
Ha! I was right! She was giving way our position! Just… not intentionally as I accused. But who cares? I was right! Ha!

Teyla Emmagan

Day 6 – Entry 1
Everyone had a meeting without me! *pouts* Doesn’t Major Sheppard love me?!

Day 6 – Entry 2
Major Sheppard invited me out to the balcony... To talk about Doctor Weir. *headdesk* He’s supposed to love me back, dammit!

Day 6 – Entry 3
Wait, did Major Sheppard just call me a spy? Argh! I HATE HIM! RWAR!

Day 6 – Entry 4
Everyone is having super sekrit meetings without me! *sobs* At least Major Sheppard still talks to me. I love him again! *hee!*

Day 7 – Entry 1
Finally got a spot on Doctor Weir’s super sekrit interview list. Huzzah!

Day 7 – Entry 2
Bates is in the interview room too. *headdesk*

Day 8 – Entry 1
My people have abandoned me. *sobs* But I remain on the city for my one true love, Major Sheppard. *dreamy sigh*

Day 9 – Entry 1
WTF?! Major Sheppard doesn’t trust me! He sent Lieutenant Ford to spy on me when we were off-world! Ugh! I hate him!

Day 9 – Entry 2
OMGWTF?! Major Sheppard left me behind with Ford?! *Hates on Sheppard*

Day 10 – Entry 1
I think I angered Major Sheppard by coming to the meeting late. It must be because he misses me! He DOES love me!

Day 10 – Entry 2
Major Sheppard has saved me from the Wraith again. We are so meant to be!!! It’s destiny DAMMIT! DESTINY!


Day 2 – Entry 1
Who are these Earthlings not letting us off-world? Just because they offered to give us a new home, food, and feel complete guilty for letting our home get destroyed, doesn’t mean they should be concerned for our safety too! RWAR!

Day 2 – Entry 2
Sergeant Bates accused me of being a spy. He DIES! RAWAR!

Day 2 – Entry 3
Had a super sekrit meeting in my room today. Shhhh! Be wery wery quiet. Don’t tell the wabbit Teyla.

Day 2 – Entry 4
Damn Teyla found out! All right who tattled? I’m going and pop your cap, yo.

Day 2 – Entry 5
There is land on this planet! Will threaten ask Doctor Weir to let us go.

Day 3 – Entry 1
OMGWTF?! Who told Teyla we were ditching her this time? OMG! There IS a spy among us!

Day 3 – Entry 2
We finally got a way from Teyla the Earthlings! *rejoices*

Steve the Wraith Who will technically be named in the episode after next.

Day 1 – Entry 1
Got some Ancient signal. Followed it to some planet.

Day 1 - Entry 2
We got duped. D’oh! *facepalm*

Day 1 – Entry 3
My bodyguards all died. Useless!

Day 1 – Entry 4
I got captured by these filthy humans! RWAR!

Day 1 – Entry 5
OMFGWTF?! This filthy human with crazy hair refuses to stop poking me with a stick! I WILL BE YOUR DEATH!!! *hiss*


Day 3
Still green as Kermit the Frog!
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