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1x06 Childhood's End

Childhood’s End

Major John Sheppard

Day 12 - Entry 1
Note to McKay: Energy field NOT good!!! *headconsole*

Day 12 – Entry 2
^$^@$!! The Jumper is broken... stupid ground hitting the stupid Jumper. *blames McKay* Now we have to walk back to the Stargate. *grumbles*

Day 12 – Entry 3
Er... I forgot which direction the Stargate is at.

Day 12 – Entry 4
Yay! We’ve got a compass... that tells us to go in circles... *headtree* At least Teyla knows where the Stargate is.

Day 12 – Entry 5
Great, McKay’s flirting with the compass got us to some ruins. BOOOORING!

Day 12 – Entry 6
Dirty children pointing arrows at us... Not so boring... *headtree*

Day 12 – Entry 7
Full-grown? I’ve never felt so old in my life. *headsomething* These “Elders” better be old geezers, or I’ll feel like an ancient...

Day 12 – Entry 8
Wraith bones! I dunno. I just felt like making an entry about Wraith bones! Teehee!

Day 12 – Entry 9
*facepalm* I thought Elders were supposed to be old, bent over, “hello, there sonny,” OLD people! Damn, these kids make me feel OLD! I think I need to retire.

Day 12 – Entry 10
These delusional kids and their suicide pacts. I’m going to implant the seed of rebellion in Keras’s brain. Nothing like corrupting young minds. *evil grin*

Day 12 – Entry 11
ZOMG! I get it. You’re 24 and have kids. I’m going on 40 and I still can’t even get a girlfriend. It’s not my fault the TPTB won’t make Sparky canon.

Day 12 – Entry 12
Keras is gonna die tonight. McKay just took my Jumper for a joy ride. What else can go wrong?

Day 12 – Entry 14
WTF?! Stand witness? That doesn’t sound good... That almost sounds wrong...

Day 12 – Entry 15
OMGWTFBBQ?!! The Wraith beacon is blinking. *runs to stomp on it* Kids don't try this at home!

Day 12 – Entry 16
*sigh* Kids never appreciate anything you do for them. Fine we’ll leave... NOT! *runs and hides*

Day 12 – Entry 17
Argh! Stupid McKay broke the shield again... *headtree*

Day 12 – Entry 18
Heh. Kids are so gullible. They actually believed that McKay was at the Jumper waiting for us. It’s fun being an adult. When you make a serious face, they actually think you’re serious. Stupid kids. *smirk*

Day 12 – Entry 19
Aw crap nuts! Wraith probe... And the stupid kids won’t let us go after it. Why are kids so DUMB?! *facepalm*

Day 12 – Entry 20
We fixed the electromagnetic field. The kids are protected again. Atlantis is still potential target practice for the Wraiths. Yeah, very successful mission. *headdesk*

Doctor Rodney McKay

Day 11- Entry 1
Sheppard needs to driver better. All this turbulence is ruining my fantasies about Colonel Carter... Mmm... Colonel Carter.

Day 11 – Entry 2
Mmm... powerful energy reading. Must. Check. Out...

Day 11 – Entry 3
*major turbulence* Crap, the Jumper’s is shaking again... I’m a dead man.

Day 11 – Entry 4
ZOMG! Stupid Sheppard! I said let’s check out the energy field not crash land into it! *headwall*

Day 11 – Entry 5
Great none of my equipment is working. I’ll steal Ford’s compass. It’s easier to pretend I know shit with a prop. See! I am a genius!

Day 11 – Entry 6
Oh Wonky Compass, please tell me the right direction to go so Teyla won’t kick my ass...

Day 11 – Entry 7
Hello, hello! Wonky Compass has led me to some ruins! Heehee!

Day 11 - Entry 8
Oh Wonky Compass, YOU LIE! There are children pointing arrows at me! YOU have brought death upon me! *hates on compass*

Day 11 – Entry 9
Wonderful. We are on a planet with SUICIDAL children. What’s next having children baby-sit us?

Day 11 – Entry 10
Aw crap... spoke too soon... *headdesk* The two midgets, monsters, demon-spawns, brats, dirty children villagers are here. *facepalm*

Day 11 – Entry 11
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! ZOMG STFU!!!111!!! Will these kids ever shut up! Is this bad karma or something? Is this revenge for me never shutting up? Did Sheppard put the kids up to this??? Bastard. *shakes fist*

Day 11 – Entry 12
Ford shouldn’t have stopped me. I could have taken those little gremlins! RWAR!

Day 11 – Entry 13
Anyway found a ZPM! Yay! This is like taking candy from a baby. *grin* Not that I’m implying that I have done that... I’m going to shut up now. *shifty eyes*

Day 11 – Entry 14
Dammit! I shoulda let Sheppard come and talk to Elizabeth. She always says no to me. Fine, I’ll take the ZedPM back. *pouts*

Day 11 – Entry 15
ZOMG! I broke the ZedPM! *has a heart attack*

Day 11 – Entry 16
Nevermind, it’s not broken... *facepalm*

Day 11 – Entry 17
ZOMGWTF?! Can’t the Ancients just make anything simple like plug and play? Of course not, that would make life too easy for their primitive descendents. *shakes fists*

Day 11 - Entry 18
The little monsters came back from the rest of my chocolate. Grrrr... now they are going to be hyper and drive me nuts as I try to fix the shield! *facepalm* Ouch! Now the low hanging branches of the trees are attacking me!!

Day 11 – Entry 19
Note to ALL CHILDREN: LEAVE ME THE ^%$@#! ALONE! I need to fix your fraking shield! RWAR!

Day 11 – Entry 20
ZOMG! My toe still hurts. That little midget stomped on it really hard. *whines* That little bitch! Is there such a thing as adult abuse? Must ask Elizabeth later.

Day 11 – Entry 21
Note to self: Don’t ask Elizabeth about adult abuse EVAR because she’ll never stop laughing. *headdesk*

Teyla Emmagan

Day 11 – Entry 1
*sigh* We crash landed somewhere and the boys are bickering. I should say something random to get their attention. Attention everyone! The sun is still high in the sky!

Day 11 – Entry 2
WTF?! Lieutenant Ford actually understood what I said. We must have some mental connection! Er... No, I love Major Sheppard! *fickles*

Day 11 – Entry 3
Men, they never want to ask for directions. If it weren’t for me they’d never find their way home. *shakes head*

Day 11 – Entry 4
Hi, my name is Teyla Emmagan. My role is to be half-naked and state the obvious. *sees ancient ruins* This ruins are VERY old! *facepalm*

Day 11 – Entry 5
Oh look! Dirty little Children! I should use my mad child-rearing skills and impress Major Sheppard into having my babies! RWAR!

Day 11 – Entry 6
Blah, blah, blah, this episode is boring. I’ll just stare at Major Sheppard and nod off. *happy sigh*

Day 11 – Entry 7
Doctor McKay and Lieutenant Ford left me alone with Major Sheppard on the planet. *smiles* But it appears the Major is more interested in talking to Keras than talking with me. *pouts*

Day 11 – Entry 8
Oh noes! The Wraith beacon is activated! I told them it was a bad idea to disable the shield. Men. *rolls eyes*

Day 11 – Entry 9
And we’re back to being harassed by kids. *facepalm*

Day 11 – Entry 10
Yay, the children are safe and Major Sheppard still rather talk to Keras than talk to me! *sobs*

Lieutenant Aiden Ford

Day 11 – Entry 1
Blah, blah blah, McKay needs to STFU! Yo! Whatever Colonel Carter so would not date him, I bet she won’t even date him in his dreams. LMFAO!

Day 11 – Entry 2
ZOMG! The Jumper is shaking! We’re gonna die! I’m too pretty young to die!

Day 11 – Entry 3
We survived! Yay! But McThief took my compass and won’t give it back. *pouts*

Day 11 – Entry 4
Er... What is with kids today?! Pointing arrows and sticks at adults.

Day 11 – Entry 5
Full growns? Who’s calling me a full-grown? I don’t wanna grow up. ‘Cuz Imma Toys ‘R’ Us kid... that runs around with assault weapons. *grins*

Day 11 – Entry 6
You’re not the baby! I’m the baby!

Day 11 – Entry 7
Dude, this planet makes ME feel old. The Major and McKay are like... SENOIR CITIZENS... *snicker* I wonder how old Teyla is. If she’s older then me... Then she’s a GRANDMA! *snicker*

Day 11 – Entry 8
McKay + children = Entertainment. ROTFLMFAO!

Day 11 – Entry 9
Uh oh, now he’s fighting with the kids. I better stop them before the kids beat him up. *snickers*

Day 11 – Entry 10
Hm... How to annoy McKay more? Give the kids chocolate! *sugar highs*

Day 11 – Entry 11
Grumpy old man broke the ZPM. We are so screwed! *flails*

Day 11 – Entry 12
Er, is it just me or are the dirty kids pointing sticks at us again? Can I shoot them? Pretty please with cherry on top? *bg*

Day 11 – Entry 13
About time the grumpy old man fixed the ZPM. Now we can party! Go home and prepare for another mission to find ZPMs! Yay! I think I had too much chocolate today. Heehee! *runs around in circles*


Day 1 – Entry 1
Wow, Old people! Full-growns! *shocks*

Day 1 – Entry 2
Hm... I’m not sure why, but Major Sheppard insisted I chose the two little ones to watch over McKay while he works. How odd...

Day 1 – Entry 3
Ugh. I got shot by a wimpy arrow... How pathetic...

Day 1 –Entry 4
Now that our suicide pact as been broken, I’m am going to be the oldest one of the tribe FOREVAR! Elder for life, yo! Peace out!


Day 1 – Entry 1
RWAR! Full-growns! Must kill! RAR! F33R ME and my stupid burlap clothing. GRRR.

Day 1 – Entry 2
ARGH! Keras wants to let the Full-growns fix their ship. RAWR! They should leave NOW!

Day 1 – Entry 3
ZOMG! Sheppard attacked the Wraith bones! He must die!! WRAWR!!!

Day 1 – Entry 4
Keras is weak! We must get rid of the full-growns! *starts a mob of kids with sticks*

Day 1 – Entry 5
ARGH! Our weapons suck salty balls, I couldn’t even kill Keras! Now I’ll be second oldest forever. *headdesk*

Casta and Cleo

Day 1 – Entry 1
We are the Annoy-McKay Duo! Yay! *goes to annoy McKay*

Day 1 – Entry 2
McMeanOl’Man is mean. *punches McKay’s belly* Oo soft!

Day 1 – Entry 3
Oo! Chocolate! *sugar highs*

Day 1 – Entry 4
Grumpy man sent us back to village. But we want more chocolate! *twitches*

Day 1 – Entry 5
Ha! Found him hiding in the trees playing Simon. We demand Chocolate!

Day 1 – Entry 6
Chocolate yay!

Day 1 – Entry 7
OMG! Keras has LOTS of chocolate. *schemes to steal his chocolate*

Doctor Elizabeth Weir

Day 12 – Entry 1
Rodney wants to steal from children. When did I hire thieves as part of my expedition team??? I work with CORRUPTED children. *headdesk*

Day 12 – Entry 2
Note to Rodney: F33R M3!!! Take the ZPM back to the kids NOW! RWAR!

Day 12 – Entry 3
WTF?! Adult abuse?! Hahahahahhahahaha

Wraith Beacon

Day 500 - Entry 1
Blink... blink... blink... blink... blink... blink...

Day 500 - Entry 2
Blink... blink... blink... blink... blink... blink...

Day 500 - Entry 3
Blink... blink... blink... I got shot... *dies*
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