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1x07 Poisoning the Well

Poisoning the Well

John Sheppard

Day 13 - Entry 1
Spent the day at Hoff again, Santa Claus Chancellor Druhin told us about a SuperSekrit weapon! Squee! Weapons! I hope it causes big KABOOMS! Bwhahahah!

Day 13 – Entry 2
Der... Santa only gave me stupid vial of brown stuff.

Day 13 – Entry 3
If I keep smiling, will Elizabeth forget that I volunteered us to help the Hoffans without asking her first?

Day 13 – Entry 4
Crap, my boyish charms don’t work on Carson, and he has ginormous NEEDLES! Ahhh! *runs away*

Day 14 – Entry 1
*Yawns* Beckett is playing with all the Hoffan lab equipment. McKay is... somewhere. Ford is somewhere I don’t care. Teyla is stalking following me around.

Day 14 – Entry 2
Ooh! A pretty lady... who totally ignored me for Carson... WTF?! Kirk is supposed to get all the action not Doctor McCoy!

Day 14 – Entry 3
Beckett got to hang around the pretty lady, and we got to see libraries... *yawns again*

Day 14 – Entry 4
This is getting boring. I’m going back to Atlantis to poke Steve. *glees*

Day 14 – Entry 5
Steve looks hungry. Weir won’t let me feed Kavanaugh to him. *sulk* I wonder where Rodney went. OMG! Maybe Steve ate him!!! O_O

Day 14 – Entry 6
Steve must be really hungry. He just sits there, even when I poke him. Oh look he blinked! I’m going to tell Weir.

Day 14 - Entry 7
Scratch that. McKay is still alive an annoying everyone in the briefing today. Dammit! Er... Yay?!

Day 15 – Entry 1
Steve is no fun anymore. I’m gonna give him to the Hoof People to experiment on.

Day 15 – Entry 2
Took Steve on a field trip to Huff Hoff and gave him some skinny dying guy for him to eat. Now he looks green... Actually, Steve was always kind of a greenish blue...

Day 15 – Entry 3
R.I.P. Steve! You were the first pet that tried to eat me everyday. *sheds a tear and pokes corpse with stick repeatedly*

Day 15 – Entry 4
OMGWTF? Santa Claus won’t listen to me! He’s SO going on the “naughty” list! No Christmas toys serum help for you! *raspberries*

Day 15 – Entry 5
RWAR! Santa and his people are STOOPID! Everyone is dying and they are cool it with it. *headdesk*

Day 16 – Entry 6
Whatever, I don’t care any more. Besides, being a race called Hoffan’s you are marked for death, because your name sounds like a Disney character on acid.

Rodney McKay

Day 12 – Entry 1
The Hoffans are trying to make geothermal energy. Ahahahahaha! What a joke! Excuse me while I spend the next 40 minutes of the episode LMFAO!

Day 13 – Entry 1
No fair, I get ignored by women on Earth, and now I’m getting ignored by women on a planet named Hoff?! WTF?! Somebody up there HATES ME! *headdesk*

Day 13 – Entry 2
Question: Where was I for 98% of this episode? Oh right, I was still laughing at the Hoffan’s attempt at geothermal energy. *headdesk*

Teyla Emmagan

Day 12 - Entry 1
Major Sheppard let me follow him everywhere today. Yay! But he hardly said anything to me again. But that’s okay, because as long as we are on screen together it still means LURV! Even if we don’t even look at each other or have any chemistry. *sigh*

Day 12 – Entry 2
OMG! Major Sheppard was trying to flirt with Perna! *hates on him* He must have a thing for doctors... *headtable*

Day 13 – Entry 1
Since Major Sheppard likes doctors, I’ll hang out in the Hoff hospital and be all doctor-like-ish.

Day 13 – Entry 2
OMG! There are actually sick people here! A lot of them! Dying too! I don’t want to play doctor anymore. Major Sheppard should love me because my clothes don’t fit right! *sobs*

Lieutenant Aiden Ford

Day 12 – Entry 1
I think I’m in the first half of this episode. I really do! It’s so hard being pretty when the Major hogs all the screen time. *sticks tongue out*

Day 13 – Entry 1
Steve is sleeping like a baby... because I shot him. *bg* *pokes Steve again*

Day 13 – Entry 2
Major Sheppard is having another poking session interrogation with Steve! Yay! *brings poking stick*

Day 13 – Entry 3
R.I.P. Steve! I shall miss poking you every day! *sobs*

Doctor Elizabeth Weir

Day 13 – Entry 1
Note to Sheppard: Do NOT volunteer us to make weapons before talking to me. Because I AM THE BOSS!! Damn it! Do I need to have it written on my forehead?! *headdesk*

Day 13 – Entry 2
See, Sheppard needs to learn from Carson and ask my permission for things first!

Day 14 – Entry 1
OMGWTF?! The Hoof People want to test the drug on Steve?! But, but, but Steve is our pet Wraith!

Day 14 – Entry 2
Things I did today: Woke up, headwall, throw the Geneva convention out the window, headdesk, throw sanity out the window, faceplam, withhold sex because John pissed me off again... headpillow (because that doesn’t hurt as much.)

Doctor Carson Beckett

Day 8 - Entry 1
ZOMGWTF!!mylittlepony?!! Major Sheppard volunteered me to help the Hoffans?! That’s it Major Sheppard gets an extra physical examination. *gets out syringes*

Day 8 – Entry 2
Mommy! I don’t want to go through the bloody wormhole again! *cries*

Day 8 – Entry 3
Mommy! Major Sheppard and Rodney forced me through the bloody wormhole. *cries some more*

Day 8 – Entry 4
Mommy! There is a pretty lady on Hoff! I think I’m in LURV! *smittens*

Day 8 – Entry 5
Mom—Er, I’m not a momma’s boy! I swear! Mommy! Perna is pretty, and I think she likes me! Squee!

Day 9 – Entry 1
Yay! Doctor Weir let me get cell samples from Steve the Wraith. Crap, that means I need to go into the brig with him. Mommy! *facepalm*

Day 9 – Entry 2
Lieutenant Ford = KRAZEE! No, I’m not foreshadowing either. I swear!

Day 10 – Entry 1
Perna is so pretty! *sigh* Why did I come to Hoff again? Oh right, researching some Wraith immunity serum... I luff Perna! Hee!

Day 10 – Entry 2
OMGYay! The Wraith serum worked! Perna must definitely love me now!

Day 11 – Entry 1
ARGH, Perna basically called me a Worry Wart. Bah! Hey, our first lover’s quarrel.

Day 11 – Entry 2
Uh oh, Steve just died; this does not look good for my relationship with Perna *sigh*

Day 11 – Entry 3
ZOMG! Major Pokey needs to stop poking the Wraith corpse so I can do an autopsy. *headtable*

Day 11 – Entry 4
Oh noes! Half of the Hoffans are dying! *woobies*

Day 11 – Entry 5
Mommy! Perna is going to die. >_< *sobs*

Day 11 – Entry 6
Perna died. *tear drop* I hope the next girl I get doesn’t DIE! Because, you know, that is like SO NOT COOL!

Steve the Wraith

Day 2 - Entry 1
I’m hungry. *hiss* I’m hungry. *hiss* I’m hungry. *hiss* Filthy humans! I am your DEATH! I’m hungry. *hiss*

Day 2 – Entry 2
I’m still hungry and ZOMG! Stop poking me! *headfloor*

Day 2 - Entry 3
I’m hungry. *hiss* I’m hungry. *hiss* I’m hungry *hiss* The door is open! *runs* FILTHY HUMANS! *gets shot* I’m hungry, yo!

Day 3 - Entry 1
I am still hungry! *hiss* Why do they keep calling me Steve?! Do they not understand my name is Your Death! Stupid humans. *hiss* I’m hungry like whoa you know!

Day 3 - Entry 2

Day 3 - Entry 3
Bah! Filthy deceitful humans! Bringing me weak inedible sustenance. *hiss* I’m still hungry. *hiss*

Day 3 – Entry 4
I am... hungry... *hiss* I... am... poisoned!!! *hiss* I... am... dying… *hiss* I... am... dead. *hiss* *dies* *hiss*

Day 3 - Entry 5
*sorta dead* STOP POKING ME GAWDAMMIT! *dies*


Day 4 – Entry 1
Green, green, green. The grass wormhole is greener on the other side... I think... What do I know I'm a wormhole. Lalalala
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