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Doctor Elizabeth Weir

Day 15 - Entry 1
Sheppard is sleeping. Rodney is eating. Ford is staring at Rodney. Teyla is staring at Rodney. Me... I'm talking to myself. Yep, just another briefing with Team Slackers. *headdesk*

Day 15 – Entry 2
Note to Rodney: Please do NOT drink all the coffee because I will kill you, you Coffeemonger! RAWR! *hides all the coffee*

Day 15 – Entry 3
OMGWTF?! How many times do I have to tell John that I AM THE BOSS! PH33R ME!! *headwall repeatedly*

Day 15 – Entry 4
That’s it! John is writing, “I will not offer nuclear weapons in trade” 200 times in ANCIENT!!! All I asked was for them to find food! *facepalm* Hunters and gatherers my ass!

Day 15 – Entry 5
I work with children suffering from ADD!! *Kicks Ford and Sheppard for not paying attention*

Day 15 – Entry 6
Sergeant Bates got some food with the Manarians... for some reason it reminds me of marinara. First the Genii. Now Manarians... What’s next Parmesanians? Now I’m hungry.

Day 15 – Entry 7
I’m off duty, but I’m still in the control tower... working... Yes, I’m a workaholic...

Day 15 – Entry 8
OMG... Sixty ships or more. We are so fucked and we’re barely halfway through the season. *headdesk*

Day 15 – Entry 9
Oh yeah, I got a new top. I wonder if John notices. *g*

Major John Sheppard

Day 17 – Entry 1
ZOMG! I was NOT sleeping in the briefing today. I was... er... waiting for Rodney to choke on the sandwich mesmerized at Rodney stuffing his face. O_O

Day 17 – Entry 2
Oh look, another race of “simple folk” Who really look like Colonial Americans. Are we really in another galaxy?

Day 17 - Entry 3
OMG! Why does everyone assumes I’m hitting on every girl we encounter? I’m not Captain Kirk, am I?! *shifty eyes*

Day 17 – Entry 4
Damn! I should have listened to Elizabeth, and not stared at her boobies when she was teaching me how to negotiate trade. *headtable*

Day 17 – Entry 5
Note to Chief O’Brien: Take the God damn medicine you mothereffer!!

Day 17 – Entry 6
Ha! F33R my stump clearing skillz! RAWR! *kaboom* Beat that Chief O’Brien!

Day 17 – Entry 7
Aw crap, now Cowman wants the medicine and the C-4. Elizabeth is going it Keel me! >_<

Day 17 – Entry 8
Uh-oh, Weir closed the door to her office. I’m in BIG trouble. I don’t think smiling prettily is going to work. What if I kissed her? Too many windows... *headdesk*

Day 17 – Entry 9
My hand hurts like whoa! Elizabeth wouldn’t let me leave Atlantis until I wrote “Doctor Elizabeth Weir is the Boss” 200. *headdesk*

Day 17 – Entry 10
Dude, McKay STFU?! We are not lost!

Day 17 – Entry 11
For the record, McKay found the secret hatch. I only climbed down to observe. So it's official! McKay is the troublemaker! I have proof! Sorta... *facepalm*

Day 17 – Entry 12
Ooh! Stable with an underground bunker! Awesome!

Day 17 – Entry 13
Ooh! It’s an underground city too! Way cool!

Day 17 – Entry 14
Er... lots of people pointing guns at us... not so cool. *headwall*

Day 17 – Entry 15
Nothing like being held at gun point with giant pipes in some room. I’m bored. I’m going to mimic everything McKay does. *crosses arms like Rodney*

Day 17 – Entry 16
Well, well, if it isn’t Chief O’Brien the Not!Farmer... *facepalm*

Day 17 – Entry 17
OMGWTF?! Rodney knows how to build an A-Bomb?! Those Krazee Canadians! o_O

Day 17 – Entry 18
Nothing like soaking up radiation, so I can have mutant offspring. *facepalm*

Day 17 – Entry 19
Hee! I used my made diplomatic skillz to get us a free dinner! *fist pump*

Day 17 – Entry 20
STOOPD Teyla. Why did you tell them we woke up the Wraith?! You IDIOT! *headdesk*

Day 17 – Entry 21
Why the hell am I seriously contemplating helping the Genii with this flawed attack plan? There are so many flaws!! Did I mention there are flaws?! But we need food... Elizabeth is going to kill me. *headdesk*

Day 17 – Entry 22
Note to Weir: I’m sorry! I won’t negotiate nuclear bombs again. Scout’s honor. Please don’t make me write “I will not offer nuclear bombs in trade” 200 times in Ancient. *puppy face*

Day 17 – Entry 23
Nobody messes with John Sheppard and gets away with it. Now I will take the weird Wraith memory thingy as payment thank you.

Day 17 – Entry 24
Yay! Elizabeth isn’t mad at me anymore because I brought back the Wraith thingamabob. *bg*

Day 17 – Entry 25
Er, was Elizabeth saying something about sixty or more hive ships? Damn! She looks hot in that tank top!

Doctor Rodney McKay

Day 14 – Entry 1
*twitch twitch* I think the fifteenth cup of coffee was a bad idea. *twitch* I’m starting to feel jittery. *twitch* *twitch* *spaz* *falls down*

Day 14 – Entry 2
Nothing like going to an Amish world to find Tava beans. Whatever that is... *rolls eyes* I wonder if they know that Genii is the plural of Genie?

Day 14 – Entry 3
Great, Amish people with sticks up their butt no sense of humor. What’s knew, hm?

Day 14 – Entry 4
My ears are still ringing from Sheppard’s little ‘demonstration.’ I’m going to get more coffee.

Day 14 – Entry 5
OMG! *pulls hair out* THERE’S NO MORE COFFEE?! *twitch twitch thud*

Day 14 – Entry 6
I didn’t get my twentieth cup of coffee and now we are lost in Amish world... *twitch* Ooh, strange energy readings!

Day 14 – Entry 7
Ooh a stable with lots and lots of hay and ZOMG! A Dharma Initiative hatch! I have a bad feeling about this.

Day 14 – Entry 8
See, it’s all Major Troublemaker’s fault. Now we’re imprisoned in this underground bunker.

Day 14 – Entry 9
If Sheppard doesn’t stop mimicking me I going to... mimic him back. *crosses arms like Sheppard*

Day 14 – Entry 10
OMGWTF?! The Genii aren’t Amish! And Chief O’Brien just threw my 10,000 year old equipment around. *headdesk*

Day 14 – Entry 11
Long term exposure to radiation... That explains the Genii’s ridiculously stupid delusional logic...

Day 14 – Entry 12
I got to show off my supa-smart genius nuclear knowledge to the stupid Genii, but Teyla had to ruin the dinner by tell them the TRUTH. *rolls eyes*

Day 14 - Entry 13
Who knew a wraith flash memory jump drive could be accessed with just a wire connected to a TV? And we thought we needed all this high-tech stuff from Earth. *facepalm*

Day 14 – Entry 14
I’m a dead man. Major Sheppard isn’t going to come back for Teyla and me because he’s probably sexing Elizabeth. We are going to die from overexposure to radiation... I don’t want to become a mutant. *cries*

Day 15 – Entry 15
Infiltrating a Wraith hive ship... good plan... I’m a dead man.

Day 15 – Entry 16
Eww, the Wraith walls look like the lining of something’s stomach. *vomits*

Day 15 – Entry 17
Oh great, who tripped the alarm this time? I’m a dead man.

Day 15 – Entry 18
Yay! We survived by now I’ll probably die from radiation poisoning... *twitch* I think I need a check up. *headdesk*

Lieutenant Aiden Ford

Day 14 – Entry 1
Dude! McKay needs to stop eating all the food, yo! And he needs to go on a diet too. *snickers*

Day 14 – Entry 2
OMG! I feel like I walked onto the set of Little House on the Prairie. If they start square dancing, I’m out of here, yo!

Day 14 – Entry 3
Trade negotiations are boring. *falls asleep* Is it just me or does Cowen look like Chief O’Brien like whoa?!

Day 14 – Entry 4
OMG! Yay! I got to blow a stump up today! I wonder if Major Sheppard will let me blow something else up.

Day 14 – Entry 5
WTF?! Harvest Ceremony?! Can I blow myself up now? *headtree*

Day 14 – Entry 6
OMGWTF?! It is NOT cool giving me moonshine when I’m on duty! Teyla is laughing at me. That h0r! *evil eyes Teyla*

Day 14 – Entry 7
Der... I know I didn’t drink that much, but OMGWTF?! Are the Amish people pointing pipes guns at us?! *flails*

Day 14 – Entry 8
Major Sheppard and McKay are here too... That’s not good. *headtable*

Day 14 – Entry 9
Wow, Major Sheppard got skillz getting us free dinner with the Genie People.

Day 14 – Entry 10
Now I think I walked onto the set of the Twilight Zone. Ooh glowing screen... *stares*

Day 14 – Entry 11
Note to Major Sheppard: Please do not EVER ask to be your shield against Weir!Wrath. kthanxbai

Day 14 – Entry 12
While everyone goes into the Wraith ship, I’m at the Jumper... sleeping chillin’ it’s coo. I think.

Day 14 – Entry 13
Ahahaha, We totally PWNED the Genii! Bwhaahahaha!

Teyla Emmagan

Day 14 - Entry 1
Major Sheppard smiled at Doctor Weir me during the briefing this morning! Squee!! I does LUFF me!!

Day 14 – Entry 2
ZOMG! People need to stop asking why I dress like the Earthlings?! I don’t dress like them. I only dress like Major Sheppard! Because matching outfits = uniforms LURV!

Day 14 – Entry 3
That whiney little bitch Sora better keeps her hands off Major Sheppard. He’s mine biotch! And you’re betrothed you Goldilocks hussy.

Day 14 – Entry 4
My face hurts from fake smiling so much. Can the sticks in Genii butts go any higher to like up to their brains so it can esplode?

Day 14 – Entry 5
ZOMG! Cowen you bitch! Give us a fair trade already, or Major Sheppard is going to hate me for lying and saying you and your mofos have cool tava beans!

Day 14 – Entry 6
WTF?! I think Aiden fancies me. He looked at me before he blew up that tree stump. Teehee! No! I love Major Sheppard! That’s my final answer! RAWR!

Day 14 – Entry 7
Harvest Ceremony? Why did I suggest coming to the Genii? *headwall repeatedly*

Day 14 – Entry 8
Teehee! Lieutenant Ford can’t hold his liquor what a pansy. I bet Major Sheppard can hold his liquor. That is why I luff him!

Day 14 – Entry 9
OMGWTF?! Genii = LIARS! Me = Gullible dupe! *headtable*

Day 14 – Entry 10
We’ve made up with he Genii, but Major Sheppard seems unhappy with my honesty with the Genii. Maybe if I smile the Major will forgive me. *weird grins*

Day 14 – Entry 11
WTF? Did Sora just bitch at me? That little bitch is gonna get it... 3 episodes from now.

Day 14 – Entry 12
Sora is a snotty little brat. She assumes I left my people for Major Sheppard. I may love Major John Sheppard, but I am still an Athosian leader at heart!! Okay, yeah I left my people for Major Sheppard. *hangs head*

Day 14 – Entry 13
OMGWTF?! Stupid Tyrus! Like shooting the cocoon man wouldn’t alert the Wraiths! He should have done the sensible thing and knock him unconscious. Hateful man. *rolls eyes*

Day 14 – Entry 14
Ugh. Now whiny bitch keeps saying I killed her daddy. I didn’t, yo! He was too stupid to duck when the Wraith showed up. RAWR!

Day 14 – Entry 15
Yay! Major Sheppard saved the day again! I love him!


Day 1 – Entry 1
Ah, Teyla has brought the Genii new bait friends! *fake smiles*

Day 1 – Entry 2
How dare these new people ogle at my daughter?! She is betrothed to some guy... thing... That’s not the point! Glares at Captain Kirk Sheppard.

Day 1 – Entry 3
Clearing stumps fast and easy! ROTFLMFAO!!! Stupid people!

Day 1 – Entry 4
ZOMG! The stump totally like KABLAMED! *head esplodes*

Day 1 – Entry 5
Because Teyla’s friends have better and awesomer weapons we’ll torture them with a Harvest Ceremony because we are fucked up like that!! Bwahahahaha!

Day 1 – Entry 6
OMG! No saving cocoon people dammit! It’s a STOOPID idea. *points gun at Teyla*

Day 1 – Entry 7
OMG! Cocoon man STFU!!! *shoots him*

Dat 1 – Entry 8
Crap... shouldn’t have shot the cocoon man... Damn you Teyla! My whiny daughter shall avenge my death! *dies*


Day 1 - Entry 1
Teyla came today and brought some men carrying big weapons. Ha! Our weapons are bigger and clunkier! But no one knows that yet. *flips hair* My golden locks are so pretty. *smile*

Day 1 – Entry 2
Ha! Teyla Emmagan Ph33r our clunky weapons!!

Day 1 – Entry 3
OMG! Teyla awoke the Wraith! *blames and bitches at Teyla*

Day 1– Entry 4
They have a ship!! I want one!! *whines*

Day 1 – Entry 5
This is not fair. They let Teyla go on the mission but not me. *whines*

Day 1 – Entry 6
Teyla killed my father! I shall have my misplaced revenge on Teyla... since I’m too scared to face a Wraith. *flips hair haughtily*

Chief Cowen

Day 1 - Entry 1
Teyla brings us people with smaller weapons to trade with us. Ha! Bigger is Better!

Day 1 – Entry 2
Teyla’s friends suck they just want to give us medicine. *rolls eyes* Like medicine is useful. *scoffs*

Day 1 – Entry 3
Clearing stumps fast and easy! ROTFLMFAO!!! Ahahahahahhaa *chokes* hahahha. Damn I’m getting old...

Day 1 – Entry 4
Holy Starship Enterprise! C-4!! Wow! I want C-4!! They can have all the food they want, just give us C-4!

Day 1 – Entry 5
OMGWTF?! How in the world did these two find our underground lair??? Look at them they are in a hostage situation and they are mimicking each other like children!! What am I going to do... *facepalm*

Day 1 – Entry 6
OMG! It’s Chief Cowen NOT Chief O’Brien! *slaps Sheppard upside the head*

Day 1 – Entry 7
UGH, these mofos woke up the Wraith I should just shoot them now. RAWR!

Day 1 – Entry 8
Ooh, they have a ship... I'll use them, steal their ship, and get rid of them. Because that is the Genii way! We use and abuse. BWHAHAHAH!

Day 1 – Entry 9
OMGWTF?!! Why are they trying to save cocoon people? This is so going to bite them in the ass later.

Day 1 - Entry 10
Damn! Out smarted by children. They will regret angering the Genii!! *shakes fists*

Cocoon Man

Day 1 – Entry 1
*hears voices*

Day 1 – Entry 2
OMGWTF?! Can’t you hear me yell “PLEASE, HELP ME?!”

Day 1 – Entry 3
Help me! Help me! Help me! Help me! I won’t stop until you help me! Help me!

Day 1 – Entry 4
Help me! Help me! Help me! Help me! I won’t stop until you help me! Help me! Or until you shoot me... *gets shot and dies*

Doctor Peter Grodin

Day 8 – Entry 1
Just letting you know I’m still alive! *waves*


Day 4 – Entry 1

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