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1x10 The Storm

The Storm

Major John Sheppard

Day 19 - Entry 1
I got stuck driving Teyla to the mainland. Ugh. But managed to shorten the trip by finding the biggest storm EVAR! *headdesk*

Day 19 – Entry 2
Was supposed to take Teyla to the mainland, instead did some weather forecasting... and brought her back. Damn, now I have to take her back to the mainland again... *facepalm*

Day 19 – Entry 3
McKay and Zelenaka babbling about storms... BOOORING! Couldn’t they just have said, “Big Hurricane. Bad. Atlantis no shields. Bad. Big BIG problem!” *headdesk*

Day 19 – Entry 4
Note to Smeagol Smeadon: You suck! Now let us stay for the night or else! RWAR!

Day 19 – Entry 5
Slimy finally agreed to put us up for the night. Why do I have a feeling he’s going to pull a Gollum and backstab us? *sigh*

Day 19 – Entry 6
Rodney = Superman? I think not. Superman is a hot flyboy. Hey! That’s me. *smirk*

Day 19 - Entry 7
WTF?! Why do I end up with the two farthest grounding stations??? I’m already skinny. Rodney could use some extra running though. *grumbles*

Day 19 - Entry 8
OMGWTFBBQ?!! Damn Genii! I told them not to mess with me! Now they take my woman hostage! *fumes*

Day 19 - Entry 9
Kolya will never find the C-4 now! Bwahahaha. I’ll leave a radio to piss him off later.

Day 19 - Entry 10
Dammit! I still have to run to grounding station three. *headwall* Why do I end up doing everything?? Damn my awesome hair for making me teh awesome leading man! *facepalm*

Day 19 – Entry 11
Ha! Stoopid Genii, trying to trick me. I’m so gonna PWN you mofos!

Day 19 – Entry 12
AW WTF?! Kolya’s lackeys just blew the grounding station control panel to hell. Now we are all going to die. My enemies are IDIOTS!!! *headconsole*

Day 19 - Entry 13
OMGWTF?! If you touch my girlfriend I will so PWN you, you fooker!

Day 19 - Entry 14
*too pissed to make an entry* *fumes* At least I look damn fine. If only Elizabeth could see me now. *wink*

Teyla Emmagan

Day 16 - Entry 1
Major Sheppard is flying me to the mainland. This is so romantic! Squee! Wait, why is Major Sheppard engrossed with looking at the plumes of white clouds in the sky?! You’re supposed to look at me, dammit!

Day 16 – Entry 2
OMGWTF?! There he goes contacting Doctor Weir again! ARGH! My ship was the intended ship, dammit! *headdesK8.

Day 16 – Entry 3
Major Sheppard didn’t come to help move my people to safety. *pout* He’d rather go to talk to the Manarians then be with me. I hate him. *tantrums*

Day 16 – Entry 4
OMG! Carson needs to stop whining! You will Ph33r m3, Wee man! RWAR!

Day 16 - Entry 5
Lieutenant Ford offered to stay with me when Doctor Beckett wanted to leave. Does that means he likes me?? But I still love Major Sheppard dammit! I’m not supposed to have chemistry with Ford!

Day 16 – Entry 6
Oh noes to the nth power! Poor Major Sheppard! This storm must pass now! RAWR! We must save him!! *shakes fists at storm*

Doctor Elizabeth Weir

Day 17 – Entry 1
OMGWTF?? Did Sheppard just say weather forecasting?! o_O

Day 17 – Entry 2
OMG! We are on the verge of sinking into the ocean because of two ginormous hurricanes, and my two lead scientists are bickering over useless Discovery Channel facts! I work with children!! *headdesk*

Day 17 - Entry 3
Er, I think Rodney and Radek overdosed on caffeine. They are all giddy and twitchy! *WTF face*

Day 17 – Entry 4
Note to Geek Twins: You are not allowed to invade my personal space unless you are named John Sheppard or Johnny Depp. Now please take 10 steps back.

Day 17 – Entry 5
OMG! McKay and Zelenka are talking to fast! *head esplodes*

Day 17 – Entry 6
Hee! I get the closest grounding station and I get to use the transporter! I love being the boss! *holds up “I’m the boss” sign*

Day 17 – Entry 7
Crap. Two idiot soldiers let the enemy in and got themselves shot. *facepalm* At least John is halfway across the city, he can save me us!

Day 17 - Entry 8
ARGH! Apparently, the Genii didn’t get the memo! I’m the Boss, dammit! RAWRRRR!!!

Day 17 – Entry 9
Er, Goldilocks has some really misplaced hatred. She’s pissed at me, and I’m the freaking hostage here! I’m the one who should be mad! Bitch!

Day 17 - Entry 10
*smiles proudly* John Sheppard my hero. I hope his plan works...

Day 17 – Entry 11
Crap, I guess the plan didn’t work because THERE IS A GUN POINTED AT ME!! This was not in the job description!!!

Doctor Rodney McKay

Day 17 - Entry 1
Still haven’t found any ZPMs. Two giant hurricanes coming towards us. I’m a dead man.

Day 17 – Entry 2
ZOMG! Did Sheppard just make fun of me again?! So I’m not Superman, but I’m Rodney teh SUPA-GENIUS! RAWR!

Day 17 – Entry 3
Nine hours till the storm hits... We still have nothing. I’m a dead man.

Day 17 - Entry 4
I got it! Lightning! I’m a genius! Must go to Elizabeth before Zelenka does. No one steals my thunder! Bwhahaha! *runs out the door*

Day 17 – Entry 5
OMG! We have a plan to disable grounding stations. Must tell Elizabeth everything uber-fast or my head will esplode!

Day 17 – Entry 6
ZOMG! Zelemka, STFU!!

Day 17 – Entry 7
Did Zelemka just call me McGay?! WTF?!

Day 17 – Entry 8
Sheppard needs to STFU with is stupid questions. I’m making him go to the two furthest grounding stations. *laughs manically*

Day 17 – Entry 9
Crap! I knew sending Sheppard halfway across the City was going to bite me in the ass! *headwall* Stupid Genii taking over Atlantis. Stupid Storm from hell heading our way. What’s next?? *grumbles*

Day 17 – Entry 10
Ugh, stupid Genii are obsessed with C-4. I bet they teach all their kids to chant C-4 all day. *roll eyes*

Day 17 – Entry 11
I think I just peed my pants! I thought Kolya was gonna shoot me for discreetly telling Sheppard their plans. Eep! I swear I was just leaning! ZOMG!

Day 17 - Entry 12
OMG!!mylittlepony!!11oneone!! Pretty Genii boy pulled out a knife... I’m a dead man.

Day 17 - Entry 13
Just spilled the beans to the Genii, Elizabeth is going to kill me. I’m definitely a dead man.

Day 17 – Entry 14
There's a gun pointed at Elizabeth... What should I do?? What can I do?? I must do something! What?! *flails*

Doctor Radek Zelenka

Day 2 - Entry 1
Yay! My second major appearance... halfway into the season. *headdesk* I always appear when Rodney needs someone to talk technobabble too.

Day 2 - Entry 2
OMG! I HATE YOU McKAY! You’re always so mean to me! You’re just jealous I have more hair than you. *gives McKay the bird*

Day 2 – Entry 3
Rodney as Superman? Ahahahahaha! Yeah, right. Lmfao!

Day 2 - Entry 4
Lmfao! Rodney was hit almost hit by lighting once! Zap! hehehe!

Day 2 - Entry 5
ZOMG! Eureka! Lightning! Der, did Rodney just run out the door?? *runs after Rodney*

Day 2 – Entry 6
I’ve been working with Rodney for how many months already and he still calls me Zelemka?? It’s Zelenka you idiot! ZELENKA!! How would he feel if I call him McGay? Bastard.

Day 2 - Entry 7
I have apparently been shipped off to Manara because of budget issues. At least that guarantees I’m still alive! Wheee! *g*

Lieutenant Aiden Ford

Day 16 – Entry 1
Heh. Nothing like threatening pilgrims with assault weapons. *bg* Is it just me or was Smeadon a slimy and stereo-typically untrustworthy person?

Day 16 – Entry 2
This sucks! I’m stuck on the mainland in a Puddlejumper in the middle of a storm. And Teyla is bossing everyone around, and Beckett is hiding from her. Ugh.

Day 16 – Entry 3
Dammit! Stupid Dirty people being all slow... Now we’re stuck in the Jumper. *headconsole*

Day 16 - Entry 4
Still sitting in the Jumper waiting for the storm to pass. *yawn* This is teh boring!! *sigh*

Day 16 – Entry 5
Oh noes, Major Sheppard is in trouble we need to go help! Argh! Beckett and Teyla say no. *pout*

Doctor Carson Beckett

Day 12 - Entry 1
Bah, I got stuck driving Teyla to the mainland, and now Teyla is bossing me around to carry ropes and heavy stuff! I’m a bloody medical doctor, dammit! >_<

Day 12 – Entry 2
Mommy! Teyla is bullying me to stay on the mainland! *cries*

Day 12 – Entry 3
OMG! Now we can’t leave because it’s pouring out there! It’s all Teyla’s fault! *would blame Teyla but am too afraid* *cowers instead*

Day 12 - Entry 4
Still in the jumper on the mainland with angry people... Mommy! >_<

Smeagol Smeadon

Day 1 – Entry 1
*Mr. Burn’s impression* Excellent, the Atlanteans need help. I will betray them and the Genii will give us the Precious! Whatever that is...

Day 1 – Entry 2
Er, how do I work this stupid Genii radio? It’s so big and— Oh, there’s the talk button! Hee!

Day 1 – Entry 3
Ahahaha! Stupid dirty little man wants a piece of my land? I don’t think so. *watches Sora bend his fingers*

Commander Acastus Kolya

Day 1 - Entry 1
Why is my strike force compiled of two half-naked men and Goldilocks? I asked for a strike team not two men and a little lady! Pfft! I’ll kick their asses in two seconds flat.

Day 1 - Entry 2
Like I said two seconds. Now pretty boy here is giving me an attitude. I’ll kick his ass in a nanosecond.

Day 1 - Entry 3
ZOMG! Does Chief O’Brien Cowen not understand “They are not ready yet?!” I just kicked our strike force team’s asses in two seconds! Dude, this mission is so going to like FAIL! *headdesk*

Day 1 – Entry 4
Bwah! The Atlanteans are so dumb. This was too easy! *shoots marines*

Day 1 - Entry 5
Pfft! These amateurs playing games with me. Well, I don’t like Even Steven. I like Odd Todd. Say goodbye to Doctor Weir! Mwhahahahah!

Chief Cowen

Day 2 - Entry 1
RAWR! Kolya will listen to me because I’m the Chief! But of course we all know no one listens to me...


Day 2 - Entry 1
Commander Kolya kicked my ass in training today. *whine* He was mean. He made my lips bleed!!! I still want to kill Teyla! RAWR!

Day 2 - Entry 2
Hehe, Commander Kolya let me torture the drunken Athosian... See I’m so Ev0l!!

Day 2 - Entry 3
Commander Kolya just killed the two Atlantean soldiers... *shocked* Yes, I’m the weakest link... But I have the bestest hair! *headdesk*

Day 2 - Entry 4
I still can’t decide if I want to be a good guy or a bad guy... I still hate Teyla. Grr. I’ll stay a bad guy... for now.


Day 6 – Entry 1
Green is a cool color which means I’m cool because I’m green. *bg*
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