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1x11 The Eye

The Eye

Major John Sheppard

Day 19 - Entry 15
DAMN YOU, KOLYA!! Now I’m all wet! Grrrr! *fangirls all pass out*

Day 19 – Entry 16
OMGWTF?! Kolya killed Weir?!!! I haven’t even kissed her yet! *fumes sexily* Okay, enough standing in the rain sexily. Time to go on a murderous rampage!

Day 19 - Entry 17
Stupid Genii. Keep asking your stoopido questions, that way I can shoot you with my eyes closed. Bwhahahha!

Day 19 - Entry 18
I’m Spiderman!! I shall hang on the ceiling and pick off the Geniis one by one. Mwhahahah. Revenge is mine!

Day 19 - Entry 19
Hehe! Three down... A lot more to go... *headwall*

Day 19 – Entry 20
What would Mckay do? Er, Apparently, McKay would write a very big sign saying “Really, Really Dangerous Don’t Touch.” ... Is he really a genius???

Day 19 – Entry 21
So Kolya, are you afraid of the dark?! Bwhahahaha... I really sound like an insane manic, don’t I? *facepalm*

Day 19 - Entry 22
Kolya said he didn’t like Even Steven? Well I do! So I’m going to get even by killing a whole Company of men. How’s that for not even? Mwhahahaha. Ph33r the darkside of me!!! And no one hurts my Not!Dead girlfriend! Even though I still think she’s dead.

Day 19 - Entry 23
ZOMG! Weir is alive?!! Squee! Must have Radio!Sex before I save the day.

Day 19 – Entry 24
WTF?! Ten minutes?! I have to run down a buttload of stairs to reach the generator and this backpack is heavy. Bastard. Where’s my back up already?!

Day 19 - Entry 25
Note to Stupid Genii guards: I have 2 minutes to save my girlfriend, so STFU and turn around! Ha! Told you so, suckas!

Day 19 – Entry 26
Finally Team Slowest Backup EVAR has arrived. Now we can go and save Weir... and McKay, I guess.

Day 19 – Entry 27
Hm... How to make the ending scene shippier? First, must remove Teyla. I’ll send her to the Jumper bay.

Day 19 - Entry 28
Ack! Where are Teyla and Beckett? I need a diversion! I knew something had to go wrong. *headwall*

Day 19 – Entry 29
OMG! Genii are finally leaving! Must. Save. Girlfriend. RWWAR! *goes on shooting spree*

Day 19 – Entry 30
Take that, Kolya! Don’t touch my girlfriend ever again! *eyefucks Weir who totally looks hot wet*

Day 20 - Entry 1
Yup, saved the day again. *smirk* And seriously, is Rodney really a genius?? Look at the bandage on his arm!!

Day 20 - Entry 2
I think Weir figured out I was mimicking her again. *smirk* What? Mimicking people especially your hot boss is fun!

Commander Acastus Koyla

Day 1 - Entry 6
Argh, I hate “To be Continues.” Where was I again? Oh yeah, I don’t like Even Steven. I like Odd Todd. *angry face*

Day 1 - Entry 7
Damn scientist and their reasonable logic. I’ll kill Weir later, but I’ll lie to Sheppard and piss him off so he goes on a killing rampage... Der, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. *facepalm*

Day 1 - Entry 8
I leave my strike team for a few minutes and a third of them go and get killed by ONE man. *twitch*

Day 1 – Entry 9
I’m bringing reinforcements. Bwhahah! A whole COMPANY! Ha! Beat that, Sheppard! *sticks tongue out*

Day 1 - Entry 10
OMGWTFBBQ?!!!11oneone! ONE MAN KILLED A WHOLE COMPANY??? %^@#&!!! I knew we weren’t ready. Damn Cowen that leprechaun...

Day 1 – Entry 11
RWAR!! F33R M3, McKay!! Tell me Sheppard’s PERSONAL ID codes...

Day 1 – Entry 12
Dammit! I wanna kill someone already. Stupid Weir and McKay and their stupid logical reasons AGAIN. *headdesk*

Day 1 – Entry 13
Okay, will someone tell me who Athor and Idos the guy who went splat on Atlantis’ shield is? Because the audience sure as hell don’t know. *scratches head*

Day 1 – Entry 14
Ha! I knew Weir was Sheppard’s weak spot. He’ll pretty much do anything for her. Bwhahaha.

Day 1 – Entry 15
This sucks sour balls! I can’t even get Goldilocks to F33R me and come back. Well, h0r, if you want to die, DIE. I don’t give a damn. Because you’re never coming back on the show EVAR anyway. RAWR!

Day 1 - Entry 16
Since I have no credibility left, I will use Doctor Weir as my shield and try to escape...

Day 1 – Entry 17
OMG! That was such a bad idea! *facepalm* I got shot... I’m a dead man, or am I??? Dun dun dun...

Doctor Elizabeth Weir

Day 17 – Entry 12
Er, clunky pistol is still pointed at me. Think fast! Argh, nothing comes to mind! *headdesk*

Day 17 – Entry 13
OMG! Did Rodney just step in front of that pistol for me??? Damn, didn’t see that coming...

Day 17 – Entry 14
WTF?! Goldilocks needs an attitude adjustment. No one snaps as Doctor EyebrowofDoom Weir! *stinkeyes Sora*

Day 17 – Entry 15
Ugh! It’s cold. I’m wet. My hair is plastered to my face. I’m wet. We are standing outside in a storm. I’m wet. Fugly pipegun is still pointed at me. I'm soaking wet. And the episode just started... *facepalm*

Day 17 - Entry 16
Argh, I’m still cold and still soaking wet. Must make Rodney lie to buy my boyfriend Sheppard more time to save us.

Day 17 – Entry 17
OMG! How to stall Kolya from shooting us? Er... Spit out technobabble and confuse him?! I think I just confused myself. >_<

Day 17 – Entry 18
Wonderful! I’m cold and wet, a hostag,e and I’m standing in the dark.

Day 17 - Entry 19
Note to Kolya: “Personal” security code means exactly what it sounds like. They are PERSONAL. McKay won’t know it. I won’t know it. NO ONE should know it. Only my boyfriend Sheppard would know it. Now remove head from sphincter then threaten. Kthanxbai!

Day 17 - Entry 20
Sheppard wanted to talk to me. Hee! He SO loves me. Teehee! And... I’m still cold. *shivers*

Day 17 – Entry 21
Still cold and freezing... Is Rodney’s arm around me? Didn’t see that coming either... Yay, John fixed the generator!

Day 17 - Entry 22
We’re out of the rain... I’m still wet and cold. Time to stall some more... 7 9 4 2 1... 0 3 2 4 5... WTF??! Second Sequence?!! Stalling is hard! *headdesk*

Day 17 – Entry 23
OMGWTF?! Kolya is going to take me with him?! Nooo! *elbows him in the face*

Day 17 - Entry 24
John’s here to rescue me!! He better have good aim and not hit me!!!

Day 17 – Entry 25
OMG! John could have killed me, but there was eyefucking and handholding so everything is A-Okay! *wink*

Day 18 - Entry 1
The city is safe again. I have dry clothes again. Rodney looks like an idiot with that bandage around his arm. All is well again. *happy smile*

Day 18 - Entry 2
Since the city is well again, it’s time for some Closet!sex R & R.

Doctor Rodney McKay

Day 17 – Entry 15
Did I? Did I just... OMG!!mylittleponytail!!! I DID! I stepped in front of the pistol pointed at Elizabeth!!! I’m a dead man... *cries*

Day 17 - Entry 16
*grumble bitch moan grumble* Bumbling Idiot Genii breaking the grounding station controls. Now I have to fix it in the rain. *grumbles bitch moan grumble* I’m going to get hypothermia and died... *grumble etc.*

Day 17 - Entry 17
Jiving?! What the hell is jiving??? Worry about that later... Kolya suspects something... I’m a dead man.

Day 17 - Entry 18
OMG! Yay! Sheppard turned off the power. I don’t need to stall anymore... but we are stuck sitting in the rain. I’m going to die of flu! I just know it!

Day 17 – Entry 19
Kolya is going to throw me over the balcony... I don’t think my heart can take this anymore... I’m a dead man.

Day 17 - Entry 20
Yes, Sheppard talk only to your girlfriend and ignore Rodney, your buddy. Nobody loves me... *woobies*

Day 17 - Entry 21
I’m freezing cold in this rain. I’ll use Elizabeth for warmth... Yes ,that’s it! I’ll hug Elizabeth for warmth. If Sheppard finds out, he’s so going to kill me. *headdesk*

Day 17 - Entry 22
Finally, power is back and I can fix the grounding station and get out of the rain.

Day 17 – Entry 23
Stalling... Stalling... Stalling... I’m a dead man *whimpers*

Day 17 – Entry 24
...Still stalling... OUCH!! OMGWTF?! Kolya just punched me!! Bastard. Ow!

Day 17 – Entry 25
OMG! The Genii are going to take us to the Genii home world. I don’t want to die of radiation poisoning!

Day 17 – Entry 26
Holy shit! Major Trigger Happy nearly shot me during his “rescue” mission. *flails* The storm is coming!

Day 17 – Entry 27
Note to city shield: Please work! Please, please work! PLEEEEEAAAASSSSE!

Day 17 – Entry 28
It worked! OMG!Yay! Now I’m hungry.

Day 18 - Entry 1
I’m so proud of myself I bandaged my own wound... over my jacket sleeve. *grins*

Day 18 – Entry 2
WTF?! Why is everyone laughing at my bandage? *confuzzled*

Lieutenant Aiden Ford

Day 16 - Entry 6
OMG! Trees are falling and we’re stuck in a Jumper doing NOTHING! *headconsole* Beckett needs to stop fiddling with the Jumper controls, or I’m going to kick his ass. RAWR!

Day 16 - Entry 7
I saw the sign sun and it opened up my eyes I saw the sun! Argh, now I have the Ace of Base song in my head. *facepalm*

Day 16 – Entry 8
Er, we’re in the eye, it’s time for us to vamoose! *shoves Beckett into the Jumper*

Day 16 – Entry 9
Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to let the doc fly during a storm. We’re all gonna die! *flail*

Day 16 – Entry 10
I actually get to order people around in this episode! Yay! Yo, doc, don’t argue with me and STFU!! GRRR!

Day 16 – Entry 11
I knew not paying attention during briefings was going to bite me in the ass... I don’t know which generator powers which place. The Major is fucked.

Day 16 - Entry 12
Yay! Found the Major. He can give the orders now. I prefer just following orders than thinking for myself. My brain hurts.

Day 16 – Entry 13
Hehe, shoot to kill! *bg* I’m not crazy, I swear!

Day 16 – Entry 14
The day is save, and now I get to disappear...

Teyla Emmagan

Day 16 - Entry 7
Major Sheppard is facing the Genii alone!!! No noes! This storm must pass NOW!!! If Doctor Beckett and Lieutenant Ford do not stop bickering I will kick their asses.

Day 16 - Entry 8
Our TPTB Ancestors smile upon us. They have given us a chance to leave and save my love!

Day 16 - Entry 9
We have made it to the City. We can now go and assist my love! And Ford and Beckett keep arguing, ugh. *kicks them*

Day 16 - Entry 10
You’d think that most important thing for everyone to know is where the generators are in the city, but NOOO it appears we were all NOT paying attention during the briefings. *headdesk*

Day 16 - Entry 11
My love is alive! But Major Sheppard won’t let me fight along side him in the control room. *pout* He must fear for my safety and isn’t trying to get rid of me. He does love me! *smiles*

Day 16 - Entry 12
Ugh, Goldilocks is here. I’m going to kick her ass.

Day 16 - Entry 13
Does she have to keep yelling?! STFU! There’s only the two of us in here. Sheesh!

Day 16 – Entry 14
Yo, Whiny bitch, I so PWNED you!

Day 16 - Entry 15
Bah, I should have killed Goldilocks. Could have spared us the whining. But I’m the good guy and we don’t kill ruthlessly unless we have to... Er, yeah.

Day 16 – Entry 16
OMG! Is Major Sheppard holding Doctor Weir’s hand? *cries*

Doctor Carson Beckett

Day 12 - Entry 5
Ahhhh!! *flails* The sky is falling!!! And the rain and the trees! Ahhhh!!

Day 12 – Entry 6
ZOMG! Stupid Teyla, I’m a bloody medical doctor. Not a Meteorologist! Stop asking how long until the storm passes!!! I don’t bloody know!! *headJumperwall*

Day 12 - Entry 7
We are in the eye of the storm... And we will stupidly walk outside of the Jumper instead of fly out immediately towards Atlantis... *facepalm*

Day 12 – Entry 8
WTF? I have to fly the spaceship into space?! I don’t wanna go into space! *cries*

Day 12 – Entry 9
Is it a bad time to say I’ve never flown the Jumper in space before? *whimpers*

Day 12 – Entry 10
I’m a medical doctor not a soldier. I don’t know how to use a P-90! Can’t I stay in the Jumper with the dirty kids??? Damn, they need me to use the Life signs detector. *headdesk*

Day 12 - Entry 11
That cheeky bugger keeps telling me to STFU! I can’t help it that I can’t stop talking when I’m scared to death! *woobies*

Day 12 - Entry 12
Why do they keep asking me about the location of the generators??? OMG! I’m a bloody medical doctor not an engineer. I hide in the infirmary all day. *cries*

Day 12 - Entry 13
Phew! Major Sheppard sent me and Teyla to the Jumper bay where it’s safer... or not. *gets knocked out*

Day 12 - Entry 14
Oy, I think I need a doctor... Wait, that’s me! *passes out*

Day 12 - Entry 15
I had to be carried by two petite women into the control room... How embarrassing… *headdesk* Ow, shouldn’t have done that. My head hurts more now. *headpillow*


Day 2 - Entry 5
ZOMG! Sheppard killed three of our men!! That’s not fair! *whines*

Day 2 - Entry 6
It’s all dark! Sheppard turn off the power!! I can’t see what I’m writing!!! *whines some more*

Day 2 – Entry 7
OMG! *flails* The storm is coming closer and Commander Stupid won’t leave. I wanna go home! *tantrums*

Day 2 - Entry 8
I told Commander Kolya to send guards to the generators. Now look what Sheppard did. Men are so stubborn. Should I stay with the bad guys or defect?

Day 2 - Entry 9
Er... Somehow in the over the last ten minutes. I lost my jacket... Fine, okay I was making out with Ladon in the dark. It’s not like we were doing anything...

Day 2 – Entry 10
OMGWTF?!!mylittleponyland!!! Sheppard killed a whole company of Genii! And we didn’t even get to see if they were cute. *sobs*

Day 2 – Entry 11
RAWR! Now I’m going to go find Sheppard, the guy who just wiped out a company of men and half of the strike team, by myself... I’m still not convincing as a “expert marksman,” am I? *headdesk*

Day 2 - Entry 12
OMG!!! Teyla is here!! I must disregard all orders from my commander and take my revenge!

Day 2 – Entry 13
Teehee! I just knocked out the harmless doctor. Now Teyla hear me WHINE! YOU KILLED MY FATHER, H0R! DIE!

Day 2 - Entry 14
I got PWNED! *sobs* And who knew Teyla fought like a man... and my people have ditched me. This sucks!

Ladon Radim

Day 1 – Entry 1
*geekgasms* That Atlantis computers are so awesome! So much cooler than our ugly Genii computers. Squee!

Day 1 – Entry 2
Heehee! I see you Sheppard. Sorta... Okay, I see Dot!Sheppard.

Day 1 – Entry 3
OMGWTF?! Dot!Sheppard just killed all the Dot!Geniis... Crap.

Day 1 – Entry 4
Ah, Shep!Dot what are you up to? *lights go off* Crap. *headdesk*

Day 1 – Entry 5
I so was NOT making out with Sora earlier. I was still geeking out over Atlantis computers... Er, yeah... *geekgasm again*

Day 1 – Entry 6
Yay! Reinforcemnts!

Day 1 – Entry 7
No yay! I just got punched in the face. Owie!

Day 1 – Entry 8
Ow, my head really hurts.

Day 1 – Entry 9
Er, the storm is coming and we still have NO shield! I don’t want to die! I’m actually cute. I shouldn’t die yet!

Day 1 – Entry 10
Big, big tidal wave = VERY BAD!! We must evacuate, dammit! *flails*

Day 1 – Entry 11
Yay, we’re evacuating. *first one to run out the gate* Yes, I’m alive! Huttah!
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