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1x14 Sanctuary


Major John Sheppard

Day 24 - Entry 1
Nothing like being target practice for a bunch of Wraiths in the morning. Uh... Bright ball of energy following us... We are so FUCKED! *headconsole*

Day 24 - Entry 2
Never mind. The energy weapon saved and blinded us. Now we can go and explore the planet... If only I could SEE!! *headconsole*

Day 24 – Entry 3
I can finally see again. But I just see a bunch of primitive people... boring!

Day 24 – Entry 4
Er, WTF?! I think Teyla just mentally called me a dumbass when she said, “The Stargate is in orbit.” *facepalm*

Day 24 – Entry 5
Ooh, lots of half naked-chicks on this planet. But why do we get stuck with Zarah the hyper abbot?

Day 24 – Entry 6
Ugh. This Chaya lives freaking far from the village! I bet she’s old and fat...

Day 24 – Entry 7
ZOMG! Teyla needs stop being Little Miss Know-it-all! I know it's not unusual for clerics to live apart from their community. I was just stating the obvious, you stupid woman. So STFU! *would kick Teyla only she would kick my ass*

Day 24 – Entry 8
Holy Wraith Cow! Chaya is hot! I’m smitten!! *turns into school boy in love* Why are we here again?

Day 24 - Entry 9
Rodney, STFU! I can’t concentrate on Chaya’s lovely breasts words with him yapping in the background.

Day 24 - Entry 10
Oh yeah, Chaya wants me. She didn’t even let me finish my invitation before saying yes. She SO wants me. I got game! *smirks*

Day 24 - Entry 11
OMG!Yay! Weir let me take Chaya on a tour of the City! Now I will spend half of the episode basically retelling the whole season, because the writer doesn’t know enough of the fandom to actually write an interesting episode. And my plan to make Elizabeth jealous isn’t working. *headdesk*

Day 24 - Entry 12
Chaya is soooo purty!! I’m still smitten. I can stare at her boobies all day. *sigh* Ow! Elizabeth hit me for not paying attention to the meeting!! *sees Chaya again* Chaya is so pretty... *sigh*

Day 24 - Entry 13
LMFAO! Teyla thinks I have feelings for Chaya. Whatever Chaya is spaceh0r girlfriend of the week! I have to have a fling with an spaceh0r at least once a season, so I can be just like Captain Kirk. *smirk*

Day 24 – Entry 14
Oh crap, I just kissed a priestess! I thought priestesses were supposed to be chaste and pure and above worldly desires??? Oh wait, this is Pegasus. Priestess = Spaceh0rs. Score! *bg*

Day 24 - Entry 14
OMFG! Rodney needs to stop mumbling Captain Kirk every time I walk by! I didn’t sleep with her... yet. I only made out with her. I’m not that easy... yet...

Day 24 – Entry 15
*sigh* Chaya is so purty!

Day 25 - Entry 1
WTF?! McKay and Weir were spying on Chaya behind my back?! Wait a minute! Chaya is an Ancient?! Talk about having a fling with an older woman! Chaya, you lying h0r!

Day 25 - Entry 2
Because I’m dumb. I’m going to fly to Proculus by myself and fight a Wraith hive ship. Yes, the bright light in the beginning of the episode has made my IQ drop by a million points. *headdesk*

Day 25 - Entry 3
OMG! It’s a LOTR elf! Galadriel?! Oh, it’s only Chaya wearing a white medieval gown... WTF?!

Day 25 - Entry 4
LAME-O! Chaya’s definition of ‘sharing each other' meant turning all glowy and blinding me with white light again... I can’t see!! *flails*

Day 25 – Entry 5
I’m going to ruin that ‘special’ moment by saying “This is so not COOL!” *snickers*

Lieutenant Aiden Ford

Day 20 – Entry 1
Eek! We’re getting chased by Wraith again! *flails*

Day 20 - Entry 2
Ahh! I just saw the light! No wait! I can’t see!!! Are we dead?! *_*

Day 20 - Entry 3
ZOMG! This episode just started, and I’m bored already. *falls asleep*

Day 20 – Entry 4
Now we walked gabillion miles to see a lady cleaning plants... Ugh.

Day 20 – Entry 5
OMG! I’m bored out of my fucking mind! Chaya is too busy flirting with Major Sheppard. Teyla is ready to spork Chaya’s eyes out. McKay is all paranoid. Major Sheppard’s brain as been eaten by the chick’s pheromones... Did I mention I was bored? *headdesk*

Doctor Rodney McKay

Day 22 - Entry 1
Wraith shooting us. Sheppard yelling at me... What a way to start an episode. Oh, by the way... I’m a dead man AGAIN! *facepalm*

Day 22 - Entry 2
The energy weapon knocked me off my feet. *looks around* Good, no one saw that. Ow! My head hurts. Now I’m going to irritate everyone and ask if we’re alive ten thousand times... Even I'm annoying myself. *headwall*

Day 22 – Entry 3
Wraith killing energy weapon must equal ZedPM!! Squee!! We have to go down there!

Day 22 - Entry 4
Oh look a primitive society with half naked natives who AREN’T tanned... Wonder what SPF sunscreen they use?

Day 22 - Entry 5
Athar? For a minute there I thought he said A CAR. Because, you know, A CAR would be most useful about now! *headdesk* UGH! How much further is this monastery, and did Ford just call me fat?

Day 22 - Entry 6
Great, there goes Sheppard hitting on the Athar lover. *rolls eyes* I am NOT jealous! And lying Spaceh0rs aren't my type.

Day 22 - Entry 7
Ugh! Of course, Chaya doesn’t strike Sheppard as the lying type! He just wants to lie with her!! I am NOT jealous just disgusted!! *blech*

Day 22 - Entry 8
Dear Athar,

You SUCK! And this episode Sucks-stinky-doggie-poo-balls too! RWAR!

Dying of Boredom McKay

P.S. Sheppard you suck smelly donkey balls too! RWAR!

Day 22 - Entry 9
OMG! Sheppard is hogging Chaya all to himself. Selfish bastard. Fine, I go hang out with Grodin. *sticks tongue out*

Day 22 - Entry 10
ZOMG! Tea Lady activated the biometrics sensor machine!! She is definitely dangerous! RWAR!!

Day 22 - Entry 11
WTF??! Sheppard took the last of the Earth food to go on a picnic with that intergalactic hussy?! That bitch is going DOWN!!!

Day 22 – Entry 12
OMGWTF?! Elizabeth doesn’t care that her boyfriend is on a picnic with a spaceh0r!! Why am I more annoyed than her?!! *headdesk*

Day 22 - Entry 13
OMG! HE IS CAPTAIN KIRK!!! *fumes* I AM NOT JEALOUS!!! *passes out from annoyance*

Day 23 - Entry 1
She’s an Ancient!!! I knew it!!! Now she’s glowed away! *headdesk* Damn Ancients, can they EVER gives us a straight answer?!! *shakesfists*

Teyla Emmagan

Day 20 - Entry 1
WTF?! We are on the verge of being shot down by Wraith darts, and Doctor McKay and Major Sheppard are arguing?!! *headwall*

Day 20 - Entry 2
Did the bright light effect Major Sheppard’s brain? He is acting rather stupidly strangely like his IQ dropped a hundred points.

Day 20 - Entry 3
These people have never heard of the Wraith? Either they are lucky bastards or LIARS!

Day 20 - Entry 4
OMGWTF?! Spaceh0r offered MY Major tea!! That’s my line! I offered him tea in the pilot episode. You are no priestess. You wh0re! RWAR!

Day 20 - Entry 5
I will sit very close to Major Sheppard to show that hussy that he is mine! RWAR!! *hates on Chaya*

Day 20 – Entry 6
OMG! Major Sheppard brought the h0r home! *headdesk*

Day 20 - Entry 7
This is not fair! I’ve know Major Sheppard longer, and I’ve never been on a late night picnic with him!!! *tantrums* I am going to ignore the Major until the next episode. Grrrr!

Zarah the Abbot

Day 1 – Entry 1
Squee! Strange people from another world! And they confuse me... What’s a ship? *scratches head*

Day 1 – Entry 2
Wraith? Is Athar not telling us something? *is even more confuzzled*

Day 1 – Entry 3
Oh noes! Chaya wants to abandon us for a MAN! H0r! See if I care when the Wraith come and kill us all.

Chaya Sar

Day 1 - Entry 1
I shall tend to the plants of Athar as I kneel with one leg fully exposed for all to see... even though I am a priestess of temptation.

Day 1 – Entry 2
Ooh, visitors! I shall serve them tea because my name technically means “Tea house” in Japanese because that is how all spaceh0rs seduce men. lalalalala

Day 1 - Entry 3
Major Sheppard is so dreamy! I’m completely taken with him. I will play hard to get, and see if he’ll beg to stay with me forever! Teehee!

Day 1 - Entry 4
Indeed Major Sheppard can ease my wanton needs loneliness. But I must keep to my punishment duty to protect the primitive people of Proculus.

Day 1 - Entry 5
I just told the Major and his people that I was going to pray to Athar... SUCKAS! It’s all a ploy to waste another five minutes of this boring episode! Bwhahahah

Day 1 – Entry 6
WTF?! How did Doctor McKay know that was hiding in the monastery making up a stupid lie?! He’s spying on me. I will keep an eye on him. *stinkeyes*

Day 1 - Entry 7
OMG! Squee! Sheppard just invited back to his home!! Did I respond too quickly?! Maybe he did not suspect... Crap, I should have waited for him to finish his sentence... So what? I’m a fickle and irresponsible Ancient, yo!

Day 1 - Entry 8
Major Sheppard has come for me at the infirmary and he offered me his arm. I’m going to be a clingy girlfriend, even though we’ve just met. I’ve been so lonely! *pouts*

Day 1 - Entry 9
Oh! I activated a new machine! How every did I do that?! *giggles coyly* I hope no one suspects. *innocents... not really*

Day 1 - Entry 10
A picnic with John! How fun! Now I will seduce him with my feigned innocence.

Day 1 - Entry 11
Doctor McKay doesn’t like me. *sobs* I’m going to throw a hissy fit so Major Sheppard will come after me and comfort me. *g*

Day 2 – Entry 1
Blah, blah, blah, blah, this meeting is dumb. I just want to make out with Major Sheppard again. *las*

Day 2 - Entry 2
Anways! I’m going to expose Doctor Mckay before he exposes me! haha! Ah Shit nuts, my fickleness as put my people in danger. I’m so irresponsible! *pass out in John’s arm for a few seconds*

Day 2 - Entry 3
Major Sheppard has come to ‘help’ me. As a gift of my appreciation, I will appear to Major Sheppard in a wedding white gown to show my purity and share a glowy experience with him.

Doctor Elizabeth Weir

Day 22 - Entry 1
Sheppard brought another spaceh0r back to Atlantis. He’s trying to make me jealous. Not going to work. He’s still on the couch, even more so now. Idiot.

Day 22 - Entry 2
I think Rodney is overreacting over Chaya more than I am. He must really be jealous of Chaya Sheppard. I did NOT just imply Rodney was gay. Lalalalala

Day 22 - Entry 3
OMGWTF?! Now Beckett is overreacting over Chaya’s perfect health! Why are all the men fretting over one Spaceh0r?!! *facepalm*

Day 22 - Entry 4
Obviously Chaya doesn’t want anything from us other than to sleep with Sheppard. Rodney was right. We are wasting time.

Day 22 – Entry 5
*slaps Sheppard for not paying attention to the meeting* ZOMG! It’s like he’s never seen a woman before!! *faceplam*

Day 22 - Entry 6
Rodney needs to STOP following me around!! I’m sick of hearing Chaya’s name EVERYWHERE. If she doesn’t agree for a treaty, I’m sending her back to her perfect world, with her perfect people, and her perfect Athar. Fuck, this episode is boring. *headdesk* [Me: Oh God, please let this episode end now! *headdesk*]

Day 23 - Entry 1
OMGWTF?! Is John’s wh0re dissing earth for being a war ridden conflicting place?! She should talk. Their whole galaxy is at war with the Wraith because of her kind! Irresponsible Ancients *grumbles* Oh! I don’t know she’s an Ancient yet... Lalalalala

Day 23 - Entry 2
Ha! She’s an irresponsible Ancient! And fickle too! She only came here because of John. *rolls eyes* What a waste of an episode... *facepalm*

Day 23 - Entry 2
Yes, John, go fly out to save an ALL-POWERFUL ANCIENT. *facepalm* Men are IDIOTS!

Day 23 – Entry 3
This better be the last episode where EVERYONE is out of character, and John is still on the couch. I need aspirin.

Doctor Carson Beckett

Day 15 - Entry 1
Major Sheppard picked up a pretty lass for me to observe. She’s in perfect health! Ooh, she just touched me! Squee!

Doctor Peter Grodin

Day 10 - Entry 1
Bloody hell! Why won’t this machines work?! *Headconsole*

Day 10 – Entry 2
Der, Major Sheppard’s new girlfriend just activated the machine. She must also have the Ancient gene or she’s a mutant... Meh, that’s Major Sheppard’s problem. *shrugs*

Day 10 - Entry 3
Someone is Mr. Negative today. *cough*Rodney*cough* He must be really annoyed that Sheppard always gets the girl... To bad I never get to talk to any girls... other than Doctor Weir. *sigh*

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