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1x15 Before I Sleep

Before I Sleep

Doctor Elizabeth Weir

Day 24 - Entry 1
John gave me a birthday gift!! Two weeks on the couch set him straight. *bg*

Day 24 – Entry 2
Now how in the world did he find out my birth date??? Has he been going through my stuff again? o_O

Day 24 – Entry 3
OMG! Why is everyone just staring at the frozen old woman?!! Defrost her already, dammit!! *facepalm*

Day 24 – Entry 4
Yay! She’s awake... for 2 seconds... *headdesk*

Day 24 - Entry 5
Yay! Our patient is awake again! Time to interrogate hear her story...

Day 24 – Entry 6
OMGWTF?! Did she just say that she’s me?! O_o *looks at DNA test* ZOMG! She is ME!! *thud*

Day 24 - Entry 7
Note to Rodney: STFU and let me, us, whatever... talk!

Day 24 – Entry 8
Note to Carson: I said give her, me, us, whatever... the stimulant, dammit! RAWR!

Day 24 - Entry 9
Just when the story was getting exciting, I she goes and passes out again. Talk about cliffhangers! *headdesk*

Day 24 - Entry 10
I’m still trying to talk to myself, and Rodney and John are bickering over their deaths?! STFU! Yo! *kicks them both*

Day 24 - Entry 11
Finally! The boys are asleep. I can talk to myself in peace... Er, I sound crazy, don’t I?

Day 24 - Entry 12
*tears up* It’s my birthday and I just watched my other self die... I’m going to need some serious therapy now. *facepalm*

Major John Sheppard

Day 26 - Entry 1
How to not sleep in the couch again? *Pooh “think, think” pose* I know! Give Elizabeth a Birthday gift! This moment can be interpreted as a plot device... or a nice shippy moment. *wink*

Day 26 – Entry 2
Score! Weir likes my gift! Buh-bye couch! Hee!

Day 26 – Entry 3
Er, Time to explore the city before Elizabeth finds out how I found her birth date and ground me again. *las*

Day 26 - Entry 4
Er, There is an old woman frozen in this room... Creepy! >_<

Day 26 - Entry 5
OMG! Old Lady is alive!! Eek! But seriously, she doesn’t look a day over 9,000!! She looks damn good for 10,000. ZOMG I’m not hitting her or anything...

Day 26 - Entry 6
Did the old lady say she’s Elizabeth?! Two Elizabeths? Elizabiis? *head esplodes*

Day 26 - Entry 7
WTF?! Rodney is making fun of Back to the Future, the most awesomest movie EVAR! RAR! The DeLorean is cool car and Rodney is a butthead. *snickers*

Day 26 – Entry 8
Ooh, Old Weir is telling us a story! Yay! *wiggles*

Day 26 - Entry 9
Hahahahah!!! Rodney died!!! I don’t know why I’m laughing, but it’s funny that Rodney died... trying to save us... Okay, that’s mean. I shouldn’t laugh... Oh, what the hell! Rodney DIED!! ROTFLMFAO!

Day 26 - Entry 10
Ooh, I got to fly the time ship! Cool!

Day 26 – Entry 11
Noooooo! Old!Weir You can’t pass out when you're about to talk about me! Argh!

Day 26 – Entry 12
Dammit! I died too! I blame McKay. If he fixed the shield in the first place, we wouldn’t have died. *grumbles*

Day 26 - Entry 13
Since I’m already dead in the story, I’m going to take a nap sitting in this chair, because I can sleep anywhere... *falls asleep*

Day 26 - Entry 14
Elizabeth just used my gift to put you-know-what in it... I don’t know if that’s cool or disturbing. I’ll stick to disturbing. But she likes my gift! Yay! It’s sitting on her office desk now. *bg*

Doctor Rodney McKay

Day 24 - Entry 1
Stupid Sheppard, giving the last of the Earth food to Spaceh0r #103. The least he could do is be my realtor, but NOOOO he wanders into another lab and finds another 10,000 year-old chick. He must like really, really, really older woman... *snickers*

Day 24 - Entry 2
Fascinating! A possible frozen Ancient!!! But instead of doing anything... I’ll just stand here and stare until Elizabeth comes. *facepalm*

Day 24 - Entry 3
We have to revive her! We have to revive her! Yay! Elizabeth agreed to let us revive her! Now we can actually talk to an Ancient! Not like last time... *glares at Sheppard*

Day 24 - Entry 4
ZOMG! The old lady is crazy! She thinks she’s Elizabeth! And Time travel?! Puh-leese! Er, did Sheppard call me a butthead?! WTF?!

Day 24 – Entry 5
Er, Old!Weir fell asleep before I could even finish my long run-on sentence... >_<

Day 24 - Entry 6
I DIED???!! That sucks!! I died!! I don’t like this story anymore. *whines* Sheppard needs to stop giving me a smug look. *glares*

Day 24 - Entry 7
Hahahahaha! Sheppard died too!! Who’s the loser now!! Wait, we both died *facepalm*

Day 24 - Entry 8
Old Weir fell asleep again. Time for a power nap and dream about finding ZPMs... *bg*

Day 24 – Entry 9
Duh! The note was for 5 ZPM gate address that the writers were too lazy to write about so we assume there weren’t ZPMs there. *cough*Lame*cough*

Teyla Emmagan

Day 21 - Entry 1
Yay! Out on the city with Major Sheppard... and Ford. Ugh. Ford is such a third wheel. *hates on Ford*

Day 21 – Entry 2
OMG! Are our ancestors irresponsible enough to actually abandon one of their own for 10,000 years?! Then again the last Ancient we met left her planet for a man... Yes, they are irresponsible enough to abandon someone... *facepalm* Why do we still worship them?!

Day 21 – Entry 3
This isn’t fair. Major Sheppard is paying more attention to Ancient Doctor Weir instead of me. *sulks*

Lieutenant Aiden Ford

Day 21 - Entry 1
We’re exploring the city! We’re exploring the city! Yes! I’m on a sugar high! Ooh! Red light coming from that room... *wanders in*

Day 21 - Entry 2
There is a frozen 10,000-year-old lady in the room... *is mesmerized* I miss my grandma... =’(

Day 21 - Entry 3
Ooh, the Granny Weir is awake again! It’s story time!! *runs to conference room*

Day 21 – Entry 4
Ah this sucks!! I died too! I drowned! That is one crappy way to die. The salt water would dry up my skin... What?! I’m just sayin’!

Doctor Carson Beckett

Day 16 - Entry 1
OMG! We can’t revive the old lady! She might die!! Not that leaving her in stasis would prevent her from dying anyway... Fine, we’ll revive her. *facepalm*

Day 16 - Entry 2
Der, OMG! The old lady is scaring me! She just said my name!! *flails* Mommy!

Day 16 - Entry 3
The old woman is Doctor Weir?! Perfect DNA match! I guess that’s not too creepy... Doctor Weir is nice. I’m sure her older self is nice too... -_-

Day 16 - Entry 4
I died too?! This story is scary! I want my mommy! Uh-oh, Old Weir passed out, must make sure she didn’t have heart attack. Meeep!

Day 16 - Entry 5
Oh noes! She had a stroke. She’s not going to last the night. *sobs* I’m such a softy.

Old Elizabeth Weir

Day 1 - Entry 1
Where am I? Did I just see a hand wave before my eyes?? I think I hear Rodney’s annoying voice. It worked!! *falls asleep*

Day 1 - Entry 2
It’s about time I can see my young self again. I’ve waited 10,000 years just to talk to myself... and not in a schizoid way either.

Day 1 - Entry 3
I miss everyone so much!!! Maybe except for Rodney’s talking... He needs to slow down! I’m 10,000 years old! What happened to respect for elders?! *falls asleep*

Day 1 - Entry 4
Finally!! Some drugs to keep me awake! Yay! *zooms around city in wheel chair*

Day 1 - Entry 5
*flashes back* Yay! We found the Lost City of Atlantis!! We are underwater... Shields are failing... *headdesk*

Day 1 - Entry 6
*still in flashback* Colonel Sumner just drowned... Our only escape is to fly an alien spaceship... Of course, we pick the strangest one and accidentally go back 10,000 years, only to have John DIE... *passes out*

Day 1 - Entry 7
*wakes up* Poor present me. I have to listen to the John & Rodney Show all day. *sigh* John is still as dreamy as I remember. Oh yeah! The story... *flashes back*

Day 1 - Entry 8
OMG! I just realized. I’ve been wearing the same dress for 10,000 years!! Oh well, I won’t be alive long enough to change... :\ *back to flashback*

Day 1 - Entry 9
Irresponsible Ancients. If they were responsible, they would have sent me back to my time, instead of making me take the long way back to my time, by waiting... 10,000 YEARS! Bastards. *falls asleep*

Day 1 - Entry 10
Damn fell asleep again! Sucks being old! Oh!

Day 1 - Entry 11
Oops! Almost died before telling them about the note! Er, here's the note guys! *finally dies*

Colonel Marshall Sumner

Day 3 - Entry 1
I’m alive again! Never mind I drowned this time... *gurgle gurgle*

Peter Grodin

Day 11 – Entry 1
I died! *sobs* So did pretty much everyone else, but I DIED! *sobs some more*


Day 1 - Entry 1
My time machine worked!!! And it brought me a lovely lady from the future. *bg*

Day 1 - Entry 2
The City has survived 10,000 years! Oh goody!

Day 1 - Entry 3
Doctor Moros is such a party pooper. He isn’t even excited that Atlantis survives 10,000 years after we are gone! He’s just a grumpy old fart.

Day 1 - Entry 4
Because I’m a rebel I will help Doctor Weir go back to her time the very, very, very, very, very long way back...

Day 1 – Entry 5
Anyways! The city will survive 10,000 years! Whee! I should totally travel into the future and visit them!

Day 1 - Entry 6
Teehee! Doctor Weir kissed me good-bye! Squee!

Day 1 – Entry 7
Time to go back to Earth and continue being a rebel! Huzzah! I’ll make a new time machine that someone *cough*SG-1*cough* will accidentally stumble across... *whistles innocently*


Day 1 – Entry 1
Because my name is Moros, I will say NO to everything Janus asks for and becauses I'm a mean old fart! Bwhahahaha!!

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