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1x16 The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood

Doctor Rodney McKay

Day 25 - Entry 1
I am trying to find us a ZPM, and Dork Squad over there won’t stop giggling over the pictures in the books. *facepalm*

Day 25 - Entry 2
OMG! I’m trying to explain our chances of finding a ZPM at Dagan at the briefing, but Sheppard and Elizabeth are too busy eyefucking!! I feel so dirty! *headdesk*

Day 25 - Entry 3
Allina is HAWT, but I’m dense and will actually listen to every word that she says and try to find a ZPM. *headdesk*

Day 25 – Entry 4
Ugh, I am NOT cut out for hard labor. Ewww, I have dirt under my nails! Ooh, found a tablet! Yay!

Day 25 - Entry 5
*yawns* Digging all day is hard work. That is why I work in a lab. Where I can fall asleep at my desk... I think Allina has been in the sun too long. She’s speaking in riddles... *yawns again*

Day 25 - Entry 6
ZOMG! Allina has a thing for me?! OMG!RLY?! *flails* What do I do?!

Day 25 – Entry 7
Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid... I think I just scared Allina with my ramblings. *headdesk*

Day 25 - Entry 8
Yay! Found the Quindosim chamber! One step closer to finding a ZPM!! Woohoo!

Day 25 – Entry 9
OMFG! I hear Kolya’s voice. Damn it! Why must everything be so difficult?! *headwall*

Day 25 - Entry 10
Er, the symbols aren’t gate address... I dunno what they are! *flails*

Day 25 – Entry 11
Note to Kolya: Please stop threatening to kill me so I CAN THINK AND SOLVE THIS PROBLEM!!!

Day 25 – Entry 12
Aw, Allina is so smart! Now we know where the last piece of the puzzle... And I’m a dead man with a small knife... *headmural*

Day 25 – Entry 13
And now we’re back underground... Did I mention I was claustrophobic????

Day 25 - Entry 14
The Genii are IDIOTS! Ha! And another Genii bites the dust! Now if only Kolya would be stupid enough to shoot himself in the head.

Day 25 – Entry 15
ZOMG! Sheppard, STFU!! So I can attempt to save your life! even though I don’t know how, sorry!

Day 25 - Entry 16
WTF?!! Sheppard was Mensa?! *flash of light* OMG!! My eyes!!! My eyes!!! I CAN’T SEE!!!

Day 25 – Entry 17

Day 25 - Entry 18
We found a ZPM!!! Yay!! Der, The Daganians pointing guns at us... WTF?!

Day 25 – Entry 19
OMG! I totally should have slept with Allina! *headtree*

Day 25 - Entry 20
This sucks! I want a ZPM! That wh0re used me!! Urhm... Did Zelenka say we have deep space sensors?! Cool! *oogles new machine*

Major John Sheppard

Day 27 - Entry 1
McKay is such a slave driver. He should just sleep with Alina already and loosen up. Ooh, another unintentional Picasso-ish drawing in the Dagan history books. *guffaws*

Day 27 - Entry 2
Because I’m going to be stuck digging or underground this whole episode, I’m going to stare at Elizabeth this whole briefing and ignore Rodney’s babbling. *eyefucks Elizabeth again*

Day 27 - Entry 3
McKay is so dense!! Allina so wants you! Why? I dunno! *facepalm* Maybe I should hit him over the head with the shovel...

Day 27 - Entry 4
Nothing like spending a day digging in dirt, for something... Do we even know what the hell we are looking for?! Crap, I got dirt in my shoes.

Day 27 – Entry 5
Whee! I found something! Aw, everyone found something. I don’t feel as specially now. Bah.

Day 27 – Entry 6
ZOMG! Watching Rodney oblivious over Allina is painful! *headdesk* [Audience: No shit! *headdesk*]

Day 27 - Entry 7
Rodney really knows how to charm the ladies into CONFUSION. *facepalm* No wonder he’s still single. *snickers*

Day 27 - Entry 8
Found some underground chamber and MORE riddles! *headwall*

Day 27 - Entry 9
WTFBBQ?! Kolya is still alive?! *sigh* There goes our ZPM... *headwall*

Day 27 - Entry 10
Okay, we are stuck in a secret underground chamber with no weapons... Good thing the Genii = morons, so we still have Flash Kabooms! bangs. *rub hands together evilly*

Day 27 – Entry 11
GRRR! Koyla and Co. is back... Must. Resist. Attacking... Because they have weapons and I don’t. *headwall*

Day 27 - Entry 12
Aw crap... Koyla wants to use me to activate the pedestal... I’m a dead man. Shit, I just sounded like Rodney... ZOMG! There is no slash here!!

Day 27 - Entry 13
Who would have thought the stupid Mensa test would save my life one day. Crap, now Rodney knows I’m a geek. *facepalm*

Day 27 - Entry 14
I should kill Kolya, but I’m better than that. I’ll let him live and use my kindness as leverage if he ever shows up again. Coulda been Mensa! *wink*

Day 27 - Entry 15
ZOMG!!! We went through all that for NOTHING?! I feel so used. We deserve the ZPM as payment for labor work, dammit!!! RAR!!

Day 27 - Entry 16
Almost got killed by Kolya again, lost a ZPM, Markham and Smith went Kablooey, and three Wraith hive ships head our way. This is the worse day EVAR! *headdesk*


Day 1 - Entry 1
Doctor McKay is so cute!! *bats eyelashes*

Day 1 - Entry 2
Of all the handsome men on this team, I go and pick the gay oblivious one to hit on. *headtable*

Day 1 – Entry 3
Dammit, he won’t eat my bread and won’t flirt back. *sigh* No, sex for me tonight. =(

Day 1 - Entry 4
Rodney is acting rather strangely today. Perhaps he’s nervous being around me? Okay, I don’t want him anymore. I think.

Day 1 – Entry 5
Ooh! We found the Quindosim chamber! This is wonderful! The Potentia will be back in our possession again! I guess I still have a tiny crush on Rodney.

Day 1 – Entry 6
Oh noes, the Genii have come to steal our Potentia!

Day 1 – Entry 7
Ugh. Mr. Kolya the gate address doesn’t work! Can we go somewhere else yet?! *headDHD*

Day 1 - Entry 5
Rodney just said I was a genius! Squee! He loves me, but he’ll hate me later...

Day 1 - Entry 6
Because Rodney is too stupid to sex me. I’m going stab him in the back and take the ZPM.

Lieutenant Aiden Ford

Day 22 - Entry 1
Woohoo! I think I have more lines than Teyla in this episode! Yay!

Day 22 – Entry 2
Scratch that... Teyla has one more line then I do. *sulk* But my lines have more words, dammit!

Day 22 - Entry 3
Digging is so much fun! This sucks everyone has found something cool except me. I bet they are making me dig at the wrong spot on purpose.

Day 22 – Entry 4
Still digging in the wrong spot... *clunk* Ooh never mind, I found something cool! Hee!

Day 22 - Entry 5
*sigh* I always get left guarding the entrance. Ouch! Some primitive dart hit my neck... *passes out*

Day 22 - Entry 6
Ha! Stupid Genii! I psyched you out, bitch. And shot one of your guys, yo!

Day 22 – Entry 7
Crap, now I’m screwed because I’m outnumbered. OMGWTF?! That Dickwad hit me in the face! My pretty face! Ugh. *gets knocked out*

Day 22 - Entry 8
Der, I just sounded like a total geek in front of Teyla. I can’t help it if talking about weapons excites me. *grins* I love flash bangs and pick esplosions!!

Day 22 - Entry 9
Ha! Stupid Genii punch me in the face! I kill you!

Day 22 – Entry 10
Ahahahaha! McKay can’t see! Sucka!

Day 22 – Entry 11
WTF?! We don’t get the ZPM?! That’s bullshit!

Teyla Emmagan

Day 22 - Entry 1
Lieutenant Ford needs to stop comparing the number of lines we have. It doesn’t matter; we are both underdeveloped characters. And Major Sheppard doesn’t love me anymore. *cries*

Day 22 - Entry 2
Major Sheppard is too busy digging to notice me. *sulk* Ooh! I also found a block of stone. Yay!

Day 22 – Entry 3
ARGH! The Genii!! *hates on them* It’s all my fault for introducing the Genii in the first place. *facepalm*

Day 22 – Entry 4
Teehee! Major Sheppard approves that I have a spare knife hidden. He may still love me yet! *smiles*

Day 22 - Entry 5
Major Sheppard’s quick thinking saved us again. *sighs* I love him so!!

Doctor Elizabeth Weir

Day 25 - Entry 1
*is too busy eyefucking John to listen to Rodney or make an entry*

Day 25 - Entry 2
Aww, Zelenka says I am the loop. How cute! Does Zelenka have a crush on me?? Of course! Everyone loves Lizzie Weir! Teehee!

Day 25 - Entry 3
Twenty-seven minutes before the dart gets here??! ZOMG! Note to Ancients: Next time leave your instruction manuals so we can figure things out BEFORE they kill us! Kthankbai!

Day 25 - Entry 4
Er, Where the is Sheppard?! Bastard must have gotten himself into trouble again. No time to worry about him. Must worry about Wraith dart first. *flails*

Day 25 – Entry 5
OMG!! Markham and Smith went Kaboom! *sobs* Markham was so cute! And Smith... no one knows what he looks like, but I’m sure he was cute too. *sobs.

Day 25 – Entry 6
The stupid dart scanned us...

Day 25 - Entry 7
OMFG! Three hive ships are headed our way and Team Smelly didn't find a ZPM. *headdesk*

Commander Acastus Kolya

Day 2 - Entry 1
Surprise! I’m not dead! Look I have a nasty scar on my shoulder. Now I will defy Chief O’Brien’s orders to seek revenge on Sheph0r!! RAWR!

Day 2 – Entry 2
Ah-ha! The Atlanteans are digging stuff... I’ll just sit here and wait from them to finish digging. *falls asleep*

Day 2 - Entry 3
This is TOO easy! Team Stupid is underground and I’m going to take advantage of that. Because it’s the Genii way! RWAR!

Day 2 - Entry 4
Ah, my arch-nemesis Major Sheppard. We meet again. Mwhahahah!!

Day 2 - Entry 5
Blah, blah, blah, blah! McKay stop stalling and STFU! And figure out the damn riddle already.

Day 2 - Entry 6
Aw shit! I just ordered Pranos to arrange the stones, activate the pedestal, and he died... ZOMG! It’s all your fault, McKay!

Day 2 – Entry 7
WTF?! These two fools are about to die and they are arguing???! Are they always like this?! *facepalm*

Day 2 - Entry 8
Bah humbug! Outsmarted by Sheppard again!!! Damn, I deserved to be killed... Sheppard won’t kill me!! Why?! Seriously! Why?! [TPTB: Because we don’t wanna, so deal with it! =P]

Doctor Carson Beckett

Day 17 - Entry 1
I’ve said it a million times, and I’m going to say it again!! I’m not a pilot. I’m a bloody MEDICAL DOCTOR! I’m going to die...

Day 17 - Entry 2
Holy crap! Jumper One got shot out of the sky! *cries* But the Wraith dart self-destructed! Yay! I can’t handle this rollercoaster of emotion anymore! *headconsole*

Doctor Radek Zelenka

Day 5 - Entry 1
Great, Rodney isn’t here. Now I have to fix everything. Bah! *grumbles in Czech*

Day 5 – Entry 2
Note to Techie Chuck: ZOMG! Stop eating at the 10,000 year old equipment!! *pulls hair out*

Day 5 – Entry 3
Ooh! We have deep space sensor! I have excuse to find Doctor Weir now. Hehe!

Day 5 - Entry 4
Does Doctor Weir suspect I have a tinsy winsy crush on her?! At least she liked my ‘loop’ comment. Doctor Weir is pretty. *g*

Day 5 - Entry 5
ZOMG! Wraith dart heading our way... I have to find Doctor Weir again!

Techie Chuck AKA Technician with No Name

Day 1 – Entry 1
ZOMG! I didn’t do anything. All I did was drink coffee!! *headconsole*

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