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1x18 The Gift

The Gift

Teyla Emmagan

Day 24 - Entry 1
OMG! I had the worst nightmare EVER! I dreamt a Wraith was in my room, and it tried to eat me!!! Then I woke up only to find Major Sheppard eaten by the Wraith!!! *sobs* I don’t hate him anymore. I still love him! *bawls*

Day 24 - Entry 2
ZOMG! Major Sheppard just kicked my ass! If he liked me, he wouldn’t throw me across the room like that, right? He didn’t even apologize! *huffs*

Day 24 - Entry 3
*glare* Why is Major Sheppard staring at Doctor Weir again?! GRRR!!! I’m cranky so I’m going to snap at Doctor Weir. That h0r!! Seducing my man! *eyedaggers*

Day 24 - Entry 4
Major Sheppard agrees with my idea to stay and fight. Yay! I’m still cranky.

Day 24 - Entry 5
Blech! Military food looks nasty... Too bad I can’t cook for shit either... Yes, I'm STILL CRANKY!!

Day 24 - Entry 6
OMFG!! Sheppard told my secret to Heightmeyer!!!! I HATE him! I’m going to KILL HIM! RAWRRR!!!

Day 24 - Entry 7
WTF?!! Did Major Sheppard just tell me to take a nap?! How dare he imply that I am cranky?! Wait... I am cranky, damn! Fine!! I’ll go take a nap. *raspberries*

Day 24 - Entry 8
LMFAO!! Doctor McKay is such a bad liar. “Seeing” Doctor Heightmeyer??! *splorf* ROFLMFAO!!!

Day 24 - Entry 9
OMG! I dreamt I was a Wraith!!!11eleventyone!!! What does this mean?! Is this foreshadowing for the rest of the episode?! ZOMG!! I’m not a Wraith!!!

Day 24 – Entry 10
Aw, Carson is so nice. I can’t be cranky with him because I need him to fly me to the mainland...

Day 24 - Entry 11
Went to the mainland to freeload on tuttle root soup talked to Charin.

Day 24 – Entry 12
ZOMFG!! It only took the TPTB 18 episodes to develop my character a tiny bit and explain my gift!!!11!! I shouldn’t complain. :\ Sheppard is going on 40+ episodes and still he has no back story. *headdesk*

Day 24 – Entry 13
Der, maybe Charin is senile and told me to go to the “Taken” village just to get rid of me... There’s nothing here!!! *disappears into wall*

Day 24 - Entry 14
Er, nevermind... ZOMG! How do I get out of here!! *wall melts away* Oh, that’s how you get out of here... *headwall*

Day 24 – Entry 15
Yay, I found a Wraith lab. Woohoo... not really... I still have nightmare, dammit!

Day 25 - Entry 1
I have Wraith DNA in my genetic code?! I’m a FREAK! I’m even crankier now!

Day 25 - Entry 2
Ooh, with my supa-powers I can be Teyla Emmagan Wraith Spy! Teehee! I kinda like the sound of that.

Day 25 – Entry 3
I was spying on the Wraith! But Doctor Weir stopped me... After I was possessed by a Wraith, but that's not the point! I’m going to try again!

Day 25 - Entry 4
After nearly killing everyone, I found out the Wraith’s ultimate plan! They want to go to Earth! Like we didn’t know that already... *facepillow*

Major John Sheppard

Day 29 - Entry 1
Damn, I only kicked Teyla’s ass because she didn’t get enough sleep, and I thought I was doing well too! *pouts*

Day 29 - Entry 2
Der, Did Teyla just snap at Weir?! Somebody is cranky. Somebody needs a nap... *steps away from Teyla*

Day 29 - Entry 3
Oh shit! Teyla is gonna to keelhaul me for telling Heightmeyer she’s crazy has nightmares...

Day 29 – Entry 4
Time to ditch Teyla and go to the Alpha site before she finds me...

Day 29 – Entry 5
OMGWTF?!! She used her supa-powers and found me!! Crap, I’m a dead man...

Day 29 – Entry 6
Phew! I’m alive! I told Teyla to take a nap and ran for the gate! Because I’m SMRT like that. *bg*

Day 29 – Entry 7
Crap, Teyla is back from her trip to the mainland... I’ll go hid in Weir’s office for protection.

Day 29 – Entry 8
Damn, Teyla found me there too!!! *stands next to Elizabeth for protection*

Day 29 - Entry 9
Wow, this is a boring mission. If Teyla doesn’t hurry up, I’m gonna be cranky too! *yawns*

Day 29 – Entry 10
OMG! Teyla like disappeared into the mountain side!!! Is she gone forever??!!!

Day 29 – Entry 11
Nevermind, the mountain side spit her back out because she was too cranky. Lalalalala

Day 29 – Entry 12
So we found a Wraith lab... *yawns* I’m gonna go take a nap.

Day 30 - Entry 1
OMG!!! Teyla is part Wraith?! MUTANT!!!! FREAK!!!

Day 30 – Entry 2
Dammit, Elizbeth just reminded me I’m a freak too. Stupid Ancient gene! *facepalm*

Day 30 – Entry 3
Note to Rodney: ZOMG!! Stop repeating everything my girlfriend is saying!! You’re interrupting our eyefucking session!!

Day 30 - Entry 4
Teyla = Freak. She can connect to the Wraith minds! I just have the magic touch for Ancient stuff!!

Day 30 – Entry 5
OMG!! Wraith!Teyla is mentally feeding on some poor sap! Ewwwwww!!!

Day 30 – Entry 6
Note to Elizabeth: Don’t feel bad for using Teyla as a Wraith spy. Her character is pretty useless right now. So we should take advantage of her supa-Wraith powers even if it fucks up her mind. *las*

Day 30 – Entry 7
ZOMG! Possessed!Teyla! o_O

Day 30 - Entry 8
Ow! My back!!!! I bet Teyla pretended to be possessed to get back at me for kicking her ass yesterday, Ow ow ow...

Day 30 – Entry 9
OMG! The Wraith want to go to Earth!! We knew that from the freakin’ pilot! So what’s new??!

Doctor Rodney McKay

Day 27 - Entry 1
Everyone is sleeping... and I’m working! I miss sleep!!! Crap! I’m out of coffee! *headdesk*

Day 27 - Entry 2
OMG?!?! Did I just agree with Kavanaugh?! The world is definitely ending... Or I really need sleep... Or I’m going crazy! Must go and find Heightmeyer. ZOMG! I’m not crazy! She’s pretty!!

Day 27 - Entry 3
Crap, Teyla caught me at Heightmeyer’s office. I hope she doesn’t figure out that “seeing each other” doesn’t mean we’re dating... ZOMG!! I do NOT have mental issues!!! Heightmeyer is hot, dammit!!11!!

Day 27 - Entry 4
I’m sleepy and hungry... And there is nothing in this dead village. -_- Ooh! Little energy readings!!

Day 27 - Entry 5
Ooh found a Wraith lab with a data drive!! I’m not sleeping again tonight. *facepalm*

Day 27 - Entry 6
Ugh, I’ve been staring at the laptop monitor too long. All the words are blending together. *eyes cross* Elizabeth can take over. I’m going to sleep work on the control chair.

Day 27 - Entry 7
Stupid Ancients. *grumbles* Made me lose a bet to Zelenka. *grumbles grumbles* I’m cranky now. >_<

Day 28 - Entry 1
Mystery solved the Wraith were made by the irresponsible Ancients. Why am I not surprised?! The Wraiths are still coming. We’ve got nothing... I’m a dead man... And Teyla is a freak.

Day 28 - Entry 2
OMG!!!! *headdesk* Sheppard and Elizabeth are eyefucking in front me again!!! Make them STOP or at least wait until I leave the room!!! *twitch*

Day 28 – Entry 3
Because I’m sick of all the eyefucking going on I’m gonna go and hide in my lab. Ciao!!

Doctor Radek Zelenka

Day 7 - Entry 1
Rodney cries himself to sleep at night! *giggles*

Day 7 – Entry 2
Note to Kavanaugh: I don’t like you. So STFU!!

Day 7 - Entry 3
I won the bet! The Wraith did evolve after the Ancients arrived! Now I have money... that I can’t use anywhere in this galaxy… *facepalm* I’m still smarter than McKay because I won! Huzzah!

Doctor Elizabeth Weir

Day 27 - Entry 1
Note to Morons Geniuses in my Team: The Wraiths are coming in one week! Stop arguing and think of something useful!!! *headdesk*

Day 27 - Entry 2
ZOMG! The universe is out for my brain!!! I have to deal with KRAZEE Wraith, CRANKY Teyla, and BITCHY Kavanaugh?! *head esplodes*

Day 27 - Entry 3
OMG!Yes! Teyla wants to go and check out an abandoned planet. Yes! Go! Leave! Take your crankiness away! Shoo! Begone!

Day 27 - Entry 4
Heehee!! I can read Wraith language! Because I’m Supa-Linguist!Weir!!!

Day 28 - Entry 1
*Yawn* Was up all night with Carson translating the Wraith journal. *yawn again* Did Teyla just say that Beckett and I look like crap?! I think I'll add more eyeliner to I look more awake... *headdesk*

Day 28 - Entry 2
OMFG!! The Ancients accidentally made the Wraiths, and we’re going to die from their mistakes AGAIN!! *headwall*

Day 28 - Entry 3
ZOMG! Teyla was possessed by a Wraith. Alpha site has gone baibai. What’s next?!

Day 28 - Entry 4
What’s next?! Teyla is possessed again... And there goes Carson. There goes John. Oof, that’s gotta hurt. There goes Ford flying over my head. Crap, my all my bodyguards are down. @#^%@!!!!

Day 28 - Entry 5
I nearly got my ass kicked only to find out that the Wraith want to go to Earth?! We knew that already!! Steve told us that before he died!!! *facepalm* Either way we are so beyond FUCKED!

Sergeant Bates

Day 7 – Entry 1
OMGWTF?!!!11eleventyone!!! The Wraith found our Alpha site!!! I’ll blame Telya because I hates her like whoa!

Day 7 – Entry 2
I was right!!! It was Teyla’s fault!! That h0r!

Day 7 - Entry 3
Hah! I got to shoot Teyla! TWICE! *laughs maniacally*

Doctor Kavanuagh

Day 3 - Entry 1
Hey an episode where EVERYONE is cranky I’m SO THERE!!! Huzzah!!

Day 3 – Entry 2
Okay, I said my two lines. Time to be useless somewhere else! Hee! *nancies away*

Lieutenant Aiden Ford

Day 24 - Entry 1
Why does Teyla get a whole episode about her?! Where’s an episode that focuses on my character?! *tantrums*

Day 24 - Entry 2
Dude! Everyone is so tense and cranky! I was just wondering McKay had a little what? Der, Teyla just disappeared into a wall...

Day 24 – Entry 3
And now she just reappeared... OMG!!! Teyla is a FREAK!!!11!!!

Day 25 - Entry 1
ZOMG! Doctor Beckett just proved that Teyla is a mutant freakazoid! O_O

Day 25 - Entry 2
Teyla connecting to Wraith minds??!! Freaky dinky! O_O And she’s doing it again. Which is totally a bad idea, but she can kick my ass. So I’ll go along with it.

Day 25 - Entry 3
Owie!! Teyla just literally threw me across the room. Ouchie!! Is she really a woman??!!!

Doctor Kate Heightmeyer

Day 1 - Entry 1
Note to Teyla: Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

Day 1 – Entry 2
Note to Teyla: You said you don’t mean to be rude, but you ARE being rude by walking out on me and making me eat alone!! I’m gonna need serious therapy from myself now. *headdesk*

Day 1 - Entry 3
Finally! Rodney’s leaving! The man keeps talking and talking and talking. I should just let him talk to a tape recorder...

Day 1 – Entry 4
Oh goodie!! Teyla is here! A new victim patient!

Day 2 - Entry 1
Who says hypnosis doesn’t work? It worked this time! And now we don’t have an Alpha site. *facepalm*

Day 2 – Entry 2
OMG!! Wrath!Teyla nearly killed us!! No more Wraith related patients please.

Doctor Carson Beckett

Day 19 – Entry 1
Eep! Teyla wants me to fly her to the mainland! Because she scares me I’ll say agree to fly her there. >_<

Day 19 – Entry 2
ZOMG!!! I don’t want to sit or be anywhere near the bloody control chair! Yay! Elizabeth came and saved me from the control chair.

Day 20 – Entry 1
How do I tell Teyla she has Wraith DNA when she still cranky?! She might eat me! No pun intended... I hope!! Eep!

Day 20 – Entry 2
Ohmigosh! Teyla was possessed by a Wraith!!! *flails*

Day 20 - Entry 3
WTF??!! Teyla wants to try again?!! I don’t think it a good idea, but if I don’t do it she’ll kick my ass. *wibbles*

Day 20 - Entry 4
Never mind Wraith!Teyla my ass anyway! I think she broke my brain... I need to stop getting hit in the head. I’m liable to get brain damage!

Techie Chuck

Day 2 – Entry 1
Er... Incoming wormhole!!!

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