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1x20 The Siege - Part 2

The Siege - Part 2

Doctor Elizabeth Weir

Day 33 - Entry 1
Self-destruct is armed... *angsts* Ugh, This alarm is giving me a migraine. *headdesk*

Day 33 – Entry 2
OMG! See!! Rodney dialed he gate too slow and SGC dialed in first! Okay, that’s probably a good thing...

Day 33 - Entry 3
WTF just happened?! Did some Colonel with a weird accent come and take over?! Where is my “I’M THE BOSS” sign?! *facepalm*

Day 33 – Enty 4
Note to Eversuck Everett: I’m TEH LOOP, yo! I better be in that briefing, or I’ll send my man to pop your cap, aite?!

Day 33 - Entry 5
Okay, space mines, weapons chair... all sound great, but of course the TPTB are going to screw us anyway... *headdesk*

Day 33 - Entry 6
Few dozen drones + No more space mines = *headwall repeatedly*

Day 33 – Entry 7
The Wraiths are here!! *headpillow because I need it*

Day 33 – Entry 8
No power in control tower!!! *flails* Because it’s dark... Let’s go to the balcony WHERE THE CROSSFIRE IS to get blown up observe the progress of the fighting...*facepalm*

Day 33 – Entry 9
OMG! We survived the first wave. We’re so going to die in the second attack. *facepalm*

Day 33 – Entry 10
*beams* My little Major always has good plans. Ha! Beat that, Everdumb! =P

Day 33 - Entry 11
Yay! I get to go off world again… only to be blindfolded and held hostage. When will I get to go off world and NOT pass out or get kidnapped?! *facepalm if I could*

Day 33 - Entry 12
OMGWTF?! Is up with the C-4 obsessing?? The Genii really don’t know anything about WMD (Weir of Mass Destruction). *Lizzie Brow of Doom*

Day 33 - Entry 13
Note to Prenum: I understand radiation exposure has made you stupid. Let me rephrase the offer. PH33R ME AND GIVE US YOUR FUCKING NUKES RIGHT NOW!!! RWWAR!

Day 33 - Entry 14
Ha! Who’s the boss that got us two nuclear bombs?! I AM!!! Everett owes me a drink! And I could use one right now...

Day 33 - Entry 15
About time, Everbutt realized that I’m the boss! I bet he saw my “I’m the boss” sign when sat in my office.

Day 34 – Entry 1
Ugh. I have to make another “Good-job-but-not-enough-so-we’re-fucked” speech…*facepalm*

Day 34 – Entry 2
OMG!! The chair doesn’t work anymore. We have to evacuate!!! *headdesk*

Day 34 – Entry 3
OMG! NOOOOO!! *Angsty eyefucking* Sheppard is going on another suicide mission!! *sobs* ZOMG!! Someone, tell me how can this moment NOT be shippy?!! *angsts*

Day 34 – Entry 4
Now I have to set the self-destruct... *bursts into tears* Stupid John, I hate you for making me angst!!

Doctor Rodney McKay

Day 30 - Entry 1
This is depressing. I come back from a fifteen hour flight, and everyone is ready to die! And why am I still wearing this raspberry red jumpsuit??!!

Day 30 – Entry 2
Der, there’s an incoming wormhole! ZOMG! It’s Stargate command!!! *flails*

Day 30 – Entry 3
If Stargate Command can gate here... OMGSPICYBBQCHICKEN!!!11eleventyone!!! ZPM!! OMG!!! They found a ZPM!!!

Day 30 – Entry 4
OMGWTF???! The ZPM isn’t here yet?! We’re still SCREWED!!! *headdesk*

Day 30 - Entry 5
Stupid military. Ignore the geniuses who can help save your asses!!! Just wait till you ask for my help. Then I will talk you to death until I figure out a plan.

Day 30 - Entry 6
ZOMG!!! How many more times do I have to argue with Carson to sit in the damn chair?! It’s getting old... SIT, BOY, SIT!!! RAWR!!

Day 30 – Entry 7
Aw, monkey balls! We’re nearly out of drones!! We’re not going to survive! >_<

Day 30 - Entry 8
Haha! Everstupid you’re space mines didn’t work. Now we have NO clue when the Wraith are coming. I’m a dead man...

Day 30 - Entry 9
The Wraiths are here! *flails* Damn chair won’t power up fast enough. Sheppard won’t stop yelling at me. ZOMG! I can’t work under this much pressure!!!

Day 30 - Entry 10
We survived the first wave!!! Now the Eversuck needs help from the geeks. Bastard. I shall scold you until your ears fall off... wait, I have an idea. *light bulb!*

Day 30 - Entry 11
I’m hungry. I’m thirsty. I’m sleepy. What else am I??? Oh yeah, I’m a dead man...

Day 30 - Entry 12
Oh, thank God! It works! We can remotely control the jumpers! Now if we had two chairs we could have a remote control jumper race! *g*

Day 30 - Entry 13
Elizabeth came back too soon. I was taking a nap sitting down. Damn, time to work on a nuclear bomb half asleep.

Day 30 - Entry 14
Damn Genii bombs are incomplete... *grumble bitch moan* Those idiots want to blow up the Wraith with this crap??? *grumble bitch moan* I need some coffee or a stimulant... ZOMG! Anything to keep me from blowing myself up! *headdesk repeatedly*

Day 31- Entry 1
Need. Caffeine! Must. Not. Blow. Self. Up. Must. Finish. This. Now. Crap, the Wraith are here. I’m awake!!

Day 31 - Entry 2
Er, Sheppard wants me to start up the chair, but power isn’t working... Wait a sec, didn’t this happen earlier in the episode?!! *deja vus*

Day 31 - Entry 3
Crap, power is dead. Sheppard is gone. I’m a dead man... Actually, Sheppard is a dead man... >_<

Day 31 – Entry 4
Elizabeth is about to cry... Sheppard is the worse boyfriend ever! Making his girlfriend cry like that. Bastard.

Major John Sheppard

Day 34 - Entry 1
Aw, I’m not the ranking military officer any more. *pout* I still prefer Weir in charge. The new Colonel talks funny. *sticks tongue out*

Day 34 - Entry 2
How dare Colonel Funny Voice brush aside Doctor Weir?! She is the loop! And no one talks like that to my girlfriend! Rar!

Day 34 - Entry 3
Heh, Finally got Colonel Funky Accent to let Elizabeth stay for the briefing. Hee!
Huzzah!! We can power up the weapons chair! I don’t have to fly out and face the darts head-on... yet... >_<

Day 34 - Entry 4
Just my luck. Everett knew Colonel Doggett-1000. No wonder he hates on me... *headdesk*

Day 34 – Entry 5
ZOMG! Don’t make me angst over Sumner right now!!! *angsts*

Day 34 – Entry 6
Yes, saved by the alarms! Dammit, those are the Wraith alarms. *headwall*

Day 34 - Entry 7
McKay needs to power up the weapons chair now!!! So I can sleep shoot the Wraith darts.

Day 34 – Entry 8
We survived! Round one! Huzzah! For round two we’re going to nuke the bastards with nukes we don’t have... *headdesk*

Day 34 - Entry 9
Whoa! That Wraith threw Ford really far! *snickers* Oh yeah, I should kill the Wraith. *shoots wraith a million times*

Day 35 - Entry 1
Damn it... Wraith are back and stupid generator is dead... Because I have a hero complex; I’m going to volunteer myself on a suicide mission to save everyone!!

Day 35 - Entry 2
Before I go blow myself up, must eyefuck Elizabeth like there is no tomorrow. *angsty eyefucks Elizabeth*

Day 35 - Entry 3
They haven’t detected my approach... I’m ready to go and blow myself up... or am I? To be continued... Dun dun DUN! O_O

Lieutenant Aiden Ford

Day 29 - Entry 1
Ooh a new Colonel. *salutes* I’m such a sheep. I listen to everyone’s orders. *hangs head* But I’m still the pretty boy, right? *grins*

Day 29 – Entry 2
Whoa! Colonel Everett brought a crap load of awesome weapons!!! *geekgasms*

Day 29 - Entry 3
First waves of Wraith darts are here! What do I do?! Where do I go?! Where’s the Major?! Ooh, Ferrell’s position is empty! I get to shoot the big guns! *bg*

Day 29 – Entry 4
Woohoo! It’s Wraith hunting season on Atlantis! *bg*

Day 29 - Entry 5
OWWWW!! I just FLEW down the hall... with the help of a Wraith THROWING me!! The Major is bait next time. *glares*

Day 30 – Entry 1
The Wraith hunting round two!! Wheee!!

Day 30 - Entry 2
Aw crap! I’m surrounded by Wraiths!! This does not look good for my character at all!! *sobs*

Colonel Dillon Everett

Day 1 - Entry 1
OMG!!! What is it with these people?! I’m here to help save Atlantis, dammit. So STFU and LISTEN TO ME! RWAR!!

Day 1 - Entry 2
*angry glares Sheppard* Sheppard stood up against me for Weir. Either he’s a gentleman or he’s shagging her...

Day 1 - Entry 3
Because I am stupid, I will antagonize everyone on this base, including the alien who works out in stripper clothes... Even though she could probably kick my ass.

Day 1 - Entry 4
OMGWTF???! My awesome space mines didn’t work??! Now everyone thinks I’m a moron... *facepalm*

Day 1 – Entry 5
Too make myself feel better I’ll make Sheppard angst about killing my BFF!

Day 1 – Entry 6
Aw, Shittles! The Wraith are here. If we turn off all the lights, do you think the Wraith will think we’re not home???

Day 1 – Entry 7
Entry 5
*sigh* My plans all sucked. Now I have to make it up to EVERYONE on the base... Note to everyone: I’m a moron, sorry!!

Day 1 – Entry 8
Aw, shit! The Wraith took out another of our generators. *pulls hair out*

Day 1 – Entry 9
I’m impressed. Doc Wow! managed to survive and bring back TWO nuclear bombs... If I’m still alive, I’d buy her TWO drinks!

Day 2 – Entry 1
OMGWTFBBQ???!! The Wraith are back and are bombs aren’t ready yet! *flails*

Day 2 - Entry 2
Fuck me... There’s a Wraith right in front of me... I’m a dead man... or am I??? >_<

Doctor Radek Zelenka

Day 9 - Entry 1
Yup, I’m just shadowing Rodney everywhere today... It was better when Rodney was out being spaceman, I actually had real lines!! *shakes fist*

Day 9 – Entry 2
Note to Carson: Sit in the damn chair so we can finish our work!!!

Day 9 - Entry 3
Rodney keeps telling me to run to the Jumper bay and radio in... I should just stay here for the rest of the episode...

Day 9 - Entry 4
Oy, I’m so tired... *twitch*

Day 10 – Entry 1
I think Carson gave McKay too much stimulant. He keeps twitching and mumbling stuff... *backs away and twitches too*

Day 10 – Entry 2
We finished just in time... And Rodney is falling asleep. *facepalm* What would he do without me? *shakes head*

Day 10 - Entry 3
Nothing is happening! The Wraiths are back! Did Major Sheppard just run past me and fly the Jumper out?!! Oh noes!

Teyla Emmagan

Day 29 - Entry 1
Major Sheppard has been too busy defending Doctor Weir from the new Colonel. *sulk* So I have to spar with some random Athosian guy. And look I tied my hair up!

Day 29 - Entry 2
ZOMG! How dare Everbutt tell me I can’t help Major Sheppard defend Atlantis??! I’m supposed to fight side by side with my love!!! Bastard! *shakes fists*

Day 29 - Entry 3
Der, Where did I go for the most of the first half of the episode?! Oh yeah, Colonel Everbutt wouldn’t let me near the control room... Asshole.

Day 29 – Entry 4
Now I know how to use my supa-powers again! Oh noes! There are Wraith in the city!

Day 29 - Entry 5
Major Sheppard convinced Colonel Everett to let us help hunt for wraiths. He does still love me!

Day 29 - Entry 6
The Major saved me yet again! I am forever in his debt! That is why I can’t seem to call him by his first name! I’m not worthy!! *headwall*

Day 29 - Entry 7
Der, Did Colonel Everett just flirt with Doctor Weir? *raises eyebrow* What is it with military men and Doctor Weir?!

Day 30 - Entry 1
ZOMG! I have disappeared! Have the Wraith taken me?! Did I get lost?! Did I stowaway on Major Sheppard’s Jumper??!! dun dun DUN!!!

Doctor Carson Beckett

Day 23 - Entry 1
Oh noes! Rodney is back, and he’s forcing me to sit on the chair again. *sobs* WTF?? Rodney just ran out of the room... Can I get out of the chair now?! Pretty please??! *runs away*

Day 23 - Entry 2
Um, Shouldn’t I be in the infirmary hiding helping the injured instead of sitting on the chair again? Why is Rodney holding a P-90?! Don’t shoot me! I’ll concentrate on the Jumper! I swear! *concentrates*

Day 23 - Entry 3
Yay! I got it to work! Er, Where did everyone go?! I don’t want to be alone with the chair!!

Day 24 - Entry 1
OMG! Major Sheppard is flying the Jumper?! Elizabeth looks like she’s about to throw up. Maybe I can give her something to feel better...

Techie Chuck

Day 4 – Entry 1
ZOMG! Hundred of asteroids coming our way!! *flails*

Day 4 – Entry 2
All the dots on the screen disappeared. We’re screwed! *cries*

Day 4 – Entry 3
Bah, there’s nothing on the screens... nothing on the screens... not— HOLY BUCKETS OF SHIT! The Wraith are here!!! *flails*

Day 4 – Entry 4
Primary systems are offline!! I guess I’ll just take a break sit here.

Day 4 – Entry 5
Everything is working again... sorta. Ooh, a message from the Genii.

Day 5 – Entry 1
Oh no! The Wraith are back!! *prays his character survives after next season*


Day 1 – Entry 1
So the Atlanteans want our nukes... Time for another Genii-plan-that-won’t-work! *cackles*

Day 1 – Entry 2
Mwhahahaha Doctor Weird! You have fallen for our diabolical scheme to make you our hostage! But when you think about it, if you don’t have the nukes, your people will all be dead along with your C-4. So we can’t trade anything... *headdesk*


Day 7 – Entry 1
Hey, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a wormhole! Anyhoo, I’m still green as green algae. Woosh!
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