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1x03 Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Doctor Rodney McKay

Day 4 – Entry 1
Two words: Ancient gene! Ancient gene! Ancient gene! ANCIENT GENE! RAWR! *happy dance*

Day 4 – Entry 2
Three words: Big needle bad! Big needle bad! BIG NEEDLE BAD!!! OMGWTF?!!! Carson just stabbed my arm with the ginormous needle. *cries*

Day 4 – Entry 3
Did Carson just call me a mouse?! o_O Well, I’m Pinky and he’s Brain. Er. I mean I’m Brain and he’s Pinky! Narf!!

Day 4 – Entry 4
*puts on green turtle thingamabob* Turtle Power!! *fist pump*

Day 4 – Entry 5
I’m invincible! I’m unconquerable! I’m untouchable! I’m INVULNERABLE!!! ZOMG! Sheppard just shot me... in the leg!!! Let’s go and throw me off the balcony! Teehee!

Day 4 – Entry 6
I AM INVULNERABLE! Sheppard is SO jealous!

Day 4 – Entry 7
ZOMGWTF?! I can’t remove the personal shield! I’m a dead man... WTF? Did Sheppard try to grab my man boobies shield?!

Day 4 – Entry 8
OMGWTF?!!!11!!! Carson and Peter need stop eating in front of me!!! I’m a STARVING DEAD MAN, damn it! *headdesk*

Day 4 – Entry 9
What’s the point of having the ATA gene when I can’t eat?! *wails* I don’t want start and blasphemous rumors, but I think that God’s got a sick sense of humor. And when I die, I expect to find him laughing... OMG!! Hunger is making me sing 80s music! *headdesk*

Day 4 – Entry 10
I want popcorn! *wibbles then sobs*

Day 4 - Entry 11
*grumbles* First I can’t eat or drink. Now dirty little children won’t let me sleep by getting lost... Must we all mock the dying man?!

Day 4 – Entry 12
OMGWTFBBQ!!?? The gate started dialing itself!! Atlantis is haunted??!!! *flails* Oh wait, I don’t believe in ghosts! Maybe I should... *flails*

Day 4 – Entry 13

Day 4 – Entry 14
OMGWTF?! Who typed the last entry?! I DID NOT FAINT!! I PASSED OUT FROM MANLY HUNGER!!!111!!!!

Day 4 – Entry 15
Everyone is still laughing at me... and I’m still a starving dead man... *headdesk*

Day 4 – Entry 16
ZOMG! Sheppard just touched the glowing panel on the wall, without finding out what it does first! I’m a dead man...

Day 4 – Entry 17
Phew! It was only a transporter... I am only paranoid because I am STILL STARVING! *stomach growls*

Day 4 - Entry 17
Sheppard and Weir exited the transporter together... Hm... Better start the betting pool!

Day 4 – Entry 18
Hm... If the blob has been trapped in this glowy can for 10,000 years that means it’s hungry. Great, now I’m hungry again. *headcontainer*

Day 4 – Entry 19
ZOMG! Lizzie!brow and Shep!brow of DOOM! The shield stopped working by itself I swear!!!

Day 4 – Entry 20
WTF?! Why is Elizabeth giving me the Eyebrow of Doom again?! *glares at Grodin*

Day 4 – Entry 21
I did NOT lie. I just forgot that little bit of detail. ZOMG! I was starving! I can’t think straight!

Day 5 – Entry 1
Er... the entity is coming towards the control tower... I’m a dead man... No fair! I just survived dying of starvation!

Day 5 – Entry 2
OMG!!! *flails* I knew this was a bad plan! The blob is sucking all the power from the gate! We are all going to DIE! *flails around*

Day 5 – Entry 3
Suck it up, McKay! You need to use your Turtle Power shield to save yourself everyone!

Day 5 – Entry 4
*faints again*

Day 5 – Entry 5
Damn it! I didn’t faint again! I PASSED OUT!

Day 5 – Entry 6
Heh. Who’s the hero now? I believe. I saved the day today. *happy dance* And I DID NOT FAINT!!!!

Doctor Carson Beckett

Day 4 – Entry 1
*Glees* Rodney agreed to be my first victim experiment for the ATA gene inoculation!

Day 4 – Entry 2
Bwhahahahha!!!11!! *waits for Rodney to have the urge to run in a small wheel*

Day 4 – Entry 3
Yay! The Gene therapy worked. Now he’s Mighty Mouse Captain Untouchable! *snicker*

Day 4 – Entry 4
Poor Rodney can’t eat... More food for me! Heehee!

Day 4 – Entry 5
Rodney fainted. Ahahahahahahaha!!! Lmfao!!!

Day 4 – Entry 6
Aw, pretty boy Lieutenant Ford got zapped. *snickers* Yes, I laugh at everyone’s expense, especially Rodney. *wink*

Day 5 – Entry 1
Rodney fainted again. Hahahaha! He should be renamed Captain Fainty!

Doctor Peter Grodin

Day 5 – Entry 1
Fuckity fuck fuck fuck!!! OW!! McKay tricked me into punching him! My poor hands! *cries*

Day 5 – Entry 2
Ahahahhaha. Bastard Rondey can’t remove the Turtle Power personal shield device. *snickers*

Day 5 – Entry 3
This day gets better and better! McKay can’t eat! Ahahahahaha! *eats a Power Bar in front of McKay*

Day 5 – Entry 4
I feel so popular! I should have self-destruct tutorials more often, so everyone can listen to me! Because when people listen to me that means my character won’t die, right? RIGHT?!

Day 5 – Entry 4
Holy crap! We lost power and the shield turned itself on! It wasn’t me this time! I swear! *holds up hands*

Day 5 - Entry 5
Rodney fainted... in front of everyone... Hahahaha!!!

Day 5 – Entry 6
Instead of sleeping, I get to sit in front of the computer and play Ms. Pacman turn the generators on and off to mess with an energy blob. Oh joy! *headdesk*

Day 5 – Entry 7
Doctor Weir said I’m doing a good job! *bg*

Day 5 – Entry 8
McKay lied to Weir. He is so busted! Because I’m tattling! =P

Day 6 – Entry 1
Oh noes! The blob is coming to the control room! If I stay close to Doctor Weir, I can’t die. *wink*

Day 6 – Entry 2
Phew! I survived another episode!

Day 6 – Entry 3
Rodney fainted again!!! hahahaha

Major John Sheppard

Day 5 – Entry 1
Hee! I got to shoot McKay and throw him off the balcony. Let’s run him over with the puddlejumper! *bg*

Day 5 – Entry 2
Awwww!! Weir says we have to get back to work. I bet she’s jealous.

Day 5 – Entry 3
Ahahahaha, McKay trapped himself in a shield! Rotflmfao!!! And he calls himself a genius. WHATEVAR!!!

Day 5 – Entry 4
I suck at telling stories... *headdesk* None of the kids were scared! *headdesk again*

Day 5 – Entry 5
Looks like Teyla likes my story... She’s probably being nice.

Day 5 – Entry 6
The Athosian kids want to play hockey?! *cringe* Must... watch... football...

Day 5 – Entry 7
I like popcorn. I like football. I like Weir in a wet white t-shirt.

Day 5 – Entry 8
Dude, Weir is HWAT when she pouts. Ack! Can’t decide football or oogle at Weir? Football? Weir? Football? Weir? Mmm popcorn...

Day 5 – Entry 9
Tried to read my pr0n book, but Jinto had to go and get himself lost... I’m gonna go see if Weir sleeps naked is awake.

Day 5 – Entry 10
Damn, she was still awake...

Day 5 – Entry 11
Hm... Ford was a wake too. Doesn’t anybody sleep in this city?!

Day 5 – Entry 12
*lights go out* Apparently, the city sleeps in this city… -_-

Day 5 – Entry 13
Mckay fainted. Hahahaha *tears from laughing*

Day 5 – Entry 14
OMGWTF?! There is a blob sucking the life out of our power generators! Like we don’t have enough power already... *headdesk*

Day 5 – Entry 15
Oh noes! I’m hearing things... Oh, it’s just Jinto on the communicator. What?! I haven’t slept all day.

Day 5 – Entry 16
Oo, shiny glowy panel on the wall! *presses button*

Day 5 – Entry 17
No, McKay it’s not a “transporter!” It’s my elalator not your elalator! Elalator go up! Elalator go dooooown! *bg*

Day 5 – Entry 18
Found Jinto. *goes back to playing on the “elalator.”*

Day 5 – Entry 19
Elizabeth made me stop playing with the elalator. *pouts*

Day 5 – Entry 20
Stupid McKay. *grumbles* Now I have to sit in the dark and wait for the blob. *grumbles*

Day 5 – Entry 21
OMGWTFBBQ!!!111eleventyone11!! The blob got bigger! O_O

Day 5 – Entry 22
$#@^*%# The blob ran away! Bastard!

Day 6 – Entry 1
Damn me and my hero complex! I always volunteer for the life threatening stuff. Uh oh, time to haul ass the blob comes! *flees*

Day 6 – Entry 2
WTF?! McKay is stealing my thunder and trying to be a hero... Bastard. Elizabeth still likes me more. *raspberries*

Day 6 – Entry 3
Hail Mary! McKay saved the day and... fainted AGAIN! hahahaha

Doctor Elizabeth Weir

Day 5 – Entry 1
Note to self: Get rid of 10,000 year-old dead plants and— ZOMGWTFBBQ!!!111!!! Sheppard just pushed Rodney off the balcony… for fun!!!!11!!1!! *headdesk*

Day 5 – Entry 2
Now everyone won’t stop laughing at Rodney. ZOMG!!! I work with CHILDREN!!!111!! *headdesk*

Day 5 – Entry 3
Teyla, Teyla, Teyla... Dude! Note to TBTP: Just STOP! Sheppard was obviously more interested in the comics on the walls than putting the necklace around her neck. So just


Day 5 – Entry 4
Everyone is having fun and they didn’t invite me. *pout*

Day 5 – Entry 5
Hail Mary! Is Sheppard staring at my breasts? o_O

Day 5 – Entry 6
Sheppard came to my room tonight for sex to tell me Jinto got lost in the city. You’d think a big man like Halling should be able to discipline his kids. *facepalm*

Day 5 – Entry 7
Gah! Dirty little people are seeing “shadows!” *headdesk* The only shadows I see are the bags under my eyes from not getting any sleep today! *headdesk again*

Day 5 – Entry 8
Oh dear, Rodney fainted and the whole crew won’t stop laughing. Have I mentioned that I work with CHILDREN!!! *facepalm*

Day 5 – Entry 9
ZOMG!! Sheppard needs to stop playing with the transporter buttons! He needs to have sex with me grow up now! *facepalm*

Day 5 – Entry 10
I knew it! Rodney can turn his Turtle Power on and off at will. *raises eyebrow of DOOM* F33R M3!!

Day 5 – Entry 11
Rodney lied to me? Doesn’t he know I know all?! *stares McKay down*

Day 6 – Entry 1
ZOMG!! It’s morning already and the blob is still here! I want it gone now! *headdesk*

Day 6 – Entry 2
Er, wasn’t it part of the plan for the blob to go through the gate and not stay and turn ginormous in the gateroom?! *headdesk*

Day 6 – Entry 3
Great! Now McKay wants to play hero! *headdesk*

Day 6 – Entry 4
The blob is gone! Yay! And McKay fainted again...

Teyla Emmagan

Day 3 – Entry 1
Grrr... Major Sheppard wouldn’t let my people help and he sided with Doctor Weir. I don’t love him any more. *sticks tongue out at Sheppard*

Day 3 – Entry 2
Er. I forgot Major Sheppard asked me to be in his team... Okay, I still love him. Teehee!

Day 3 – Entry 3
OMG!! Squee! Major Sheppard telling the children bedtime stories! Iwanthisbabiesnow!

Day 3 – Entry 4
Football?! Football?! WTF is football?! I want to make babies, damn it! Grrrr.

Day 3 – Entry 5
OMGWTFBBQ?!! Major Sheppard keeps looking at Doctor Weir and the television screen. And he’s ignoring me!!! I don’t love him anymore!

Day 3 – Entry 6
Awww Major Sheppard is concerned about finding Jinto. I love him again!

Day 3 – Entry 7
Argh, Major Sheppard keeps chatting with Doctor Weir and ignoring me. *eavesdrop on their conversation*

Day 3 – Entry 8
Doctor Mckay has lost consciousness, yet everyone finds this amusing. I will only smile and nod. *smiles and nods*

Day 3 – Entry 9
Major Sheppard found Jinto! My hero! *swoons*

Day 3 – Entry 10
Bah. Major Sheppard is with Doctor Weir again. I’ll go visit Lieutenant Ford to make him jealous.

Day 3 – Entry 11
Major Sheppard is STILL with Doctor Weir? WTF?! I thought he was supposed to be paired up with me!

Day 4 – Entry 1
Finally, I’m in a scene with Major Sheppard again! I need to show everyone that I’m a Beauty with Boobies Brains!

Day 4 – Entry 2
Teehee! Doctor Weir Major Sheppard liked my idea to send the blob through the Stargate! He luffs me!

Day 4 – Entry 2
Doctor McKay fainting is a “Hail Mary?” *confused*

Lieutenant Aiden Ford

Day 4 – Entry 1
Are the TPTB taking the “pretty face” line literal, because you know I CAN talk! Even Grodin has more lines than me... *sad faces*

Day 4 – Entry 2
Oo! Popcorn and football!!

Day 4 – Entry 3
I wasn’t there, but I heard McKay just fainted. Too funny! Hahahaha

Day 4 – Entry 4
Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time... Shit! *gets zapped*

Day 4 – Entry 5
Look at me! I’m smokin’ hot! No, seriously, smoke is coming out of my chest!!! Ask Stackhouse, he saw!

Day 4 – Entry 6
ZOMG! My pretty face! I look like I walked into a bug zapper. I feel like I walked into a bug zapper… *twitches*

Day 4 – Entry 7
Aw, Teyla brought Jinto to visit me! I think she needed an excuse to see me. No one can resist the PRETTY! Even if it is a bit zapped...

Day 5 – Entry 8
*still in the infirmary* McKay fainted again! Hahahaha


Day 1 – Entry 1
First I get caught by the Wraith, now I break my leg? Am I the village Klutz? *headdesk*

Day 1 – Entry 2
Jinto needs to STFU and got go to sleep! Hobbling around all day is exhausting!

Day 1 – Entry 3
ZOMG! Jinto needs to STFU and NOT get lost. Next time I’m tying him down. RWAR!

Day 1 – Entry 4
Yay! My son is safe! I will lock him up in a closet FOREVAR! make sure he doesn’t disappear again.


Day 2 – Entry 1
Wee! *runs upstairs* Wee!! *runs downstairs*

Day 2 – Entry 2
Major Sheppard is AWESOME! He’s my idol! But he sucks at telling stories...

Day 2 – Entry 3
Father finally went to sleep. I can finally get myself in trouble go play outside!

Day 2 – Entry 4
Oo a room with lots of boxes! *goes and gets lost*

Day 2 – Entry 5
I’m lost! *woobies* Let’s touch EVERYTHING in the room!

Day 2 – Entry 6
Uh oh...

Day 2 – Entry 7
Major Sheppard found me! I love him! In a non-slashy way you sick people!

Day 2 – Entry 8
I learned a new phrase today! Stuff happens! Stuff happens! Stuff happens! *runs into a wall* Ow! S#$^ happens!

Day 2 – Entry 9
I can’t go to sleep now! There are MONSTERS! I should know! I let it out! *headdesk*


Day 2 – Entry 1
Damn it! I want to be Major Sheppard! Curses to you Jinto! *shakes fists*

Day 2 – Entry 2
Holy crap! Jinto disappeared! *flails* That is why children should never curse! It might come true!!!!111!! *flails again*

TEH Energy Blob/Phantom/Shadow/Whatever-you-want-to-call-me…

Day 10,000 something – Entry 1
*lurk, lurk, lurk, lurk* I see people...

Day 10,000 something – Entry 2
*lurk, lurk, lurk, lurk* Oh no! They see me! *runs away*

Day 10,000 something – Entry 3
Mm... energy... yum...

Day 10,000 something – Entry 4
*lurk, lurk, lurk, lurk* Ooh two little soldiers! *zap*

Day 10,000 something – Entry 5
*lurk, lurk, lurk--* I sense some new energy!
*goes towards new energy*
Ooh one little soldier! Hm... that orange juice can looks familiar... *runs away*

Day 10,000 something – Entry 6
*lurk, lurk… sniff, sniff* Ginormous energy source! Squee!

Day 10,000 Something – Entry 7
Yummy! Energy! Hey! Who’s moving my food?! *runs after food through Stargate*

Day 10,000 Something – Entry 8
*looks around* Er... Toto we’re not in Kansas anymore...

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